Hi Ted and Dave

Something that will interest those that need to shave daily and do not like the expense of changing expensive cartridges frequently (not Ted!).

I have been trying out the Razorpit. This is a sharpening 'device' for extending the life of cartridge type razor blades.

The device is a silicon bed that you strop the blade on 4-5 times each time after use and it re-hones the blade back to factory sharpness. I have now been using the same Mach 3 blade for a 9 shaves and each is as close as it was when the blade was new. Typically I would get 3 close shaves and then each after that was slightly courser. Im now expecting to get at least a month out of each £3 cartridge.

I have heard claims made that people are using the same blade for 6 months!

Well worth the £13 outlay against the cost if each cartridge of around £3 or more.


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