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Friends & Listeners! I have recently ‘gone solo’ with a daily two-hour radio show originating from my home in San Rafael, Mendoza. (This is in addition to the many radio interviews and on-going guest appearances available at:

"Roger Sayles' Radio Ranch" airs weekdays from 4-6 PM Central Time on I hope you will join me!
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((Serfs Up!!)) Arrested for your politics? In AMERICA? Whether or not you choose to believe it - it IS happening...
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((Serfs Up!!)) $ 114 Billion Bank Run? America's banks saw record cash withdrawals 1st week of Jan -- the most since 9/11.
From Sovereign to Serf wrote: ((Serfs Up!!)) $ 114 Billion Bank Run?... Join Facebook to connect with From Sovereign to Serf and others you may know.
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Good article...  I find the things he covers here and the observations made to be extremely accurate...   

Lessons from the Argentine

It's my hope that my observations will be of use to you in getting through the challenging times still ahead for the major developed economies. That's because, as I probably don't need to tell you, the Argentines have almost unparalleled experience in surviving the regular financial crises their government has proven so adept at creating.

In fact, since Juan Perón took office in 1946, not a single ten-year period has passed without being molested by a serious crisis, and often more than one.
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Nice Kick-Off for Tax Season....!!  All you serfs just line up now...Happy Tax Day: Economist Charged With Dodging $500K IRS Bill For 22 Years

Looks like Larry's got this one:
Gilmartin's attorney, Lowell Larry Becraft, a prominent anti-government advocate who is known for representing tax protesters, was not immediately available for comment.

The U.S. Department of Justice celebrated U.S. Tax Day early on Monday with charges against a California economist for allegedly dodging $500,000 in income taxes since 1989.

David Gilmartin, a consultant with a Ph.D., was hit with a four-count indictment a day before Tuesday's tax filing deadline. The indictment filed in a Manhattan federal court includes charges of tax evasion, obstructing the IRS, failing to pay taxes and not submitting a tax return. Gilmartin faces up to 10 years in prison, for a maximum conviction.

A 68-year-old California resident who lived in New York until 2006, Gilmartin is accused of employing a slew of schemes to duck the IRS over the last two decades. Gilmartin made his money consulting pharmaceutical and credit card companies
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I believe that we Americans have volunteered, unwittingly, into federal bondage and that a fraud has been perpetrated that must be addressed. The fraud lies in the execution of a contract without k...
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Do you know people like Emma?
Don't miss watching this one... it's priceless! (I'm still chuckling.)
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((Serfs Up!)) Pig Brother is watching you!
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((Serfs Up!)) Super Bowl goers this year will be watched, sniffed, pawed… and as they enter the stadium - patted down by the TSA.
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