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Katrina Moody
Katrina Moody is a Special Needs Advocate, Writer & Editor with Kat's Cafe, and a Web & Graphic Designer with Kat's Media & More
Katrina Moody is a Special Needs Advocate, Writer & Editor with Kat's Cafe, and a Web & Graphic Designer with Kat's Media & More

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Just an FYI to the community - I haven't been that active - I am in the middle of switching over to my new Google+ Profile, which means I am transferring ownership to this new profile as well - it's under the same name, just a different Google mail account ... they make it convoluted to switch things over so I might not be as active for a little while yet. 

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Over the years, as we have struggled to remember that love amidst the stress of raising three kids with awesomeness, we both sometimes forgot that time of learning to love. We forgot how hard it was to fall in love. And we treated our marriage as if it were a secondary entity in this overwhelming family.

We still do that sometimes.

And yet we always come around the corner and tiptoe around and up to one another, we always come face-to-face, and we always remember that we’re a team. It’s us against the world. Us. We. Him and I. We come together, and we work better together.

That’s still not why I love him... 

I'd love you to continue reading at my site ...I would love to think that marriage is important to others out there too. 

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So ... I still have a TON of housekeeping to do but I'm switching to a new Google+ account - have tried to transfer all the circles and stuff ... but just in case, would you be awesome and make sure you have me in your circles?

This is my new profile:

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LOL - totally agreed! 
A Yawn Is A Silent Scream For Coffee...

That sounds right. Happy Monday to you, wherever in the world you are. Let's knock 2013 in the gut, chug some coffee, and gear up for a smashing 2014!

#coffee   #coffeelovers   #mondaymotivation   #newyear  


I'm going to be attempting to migrate my account FROM this one to a new one that is with my Work email ... here's hoping it works! If it does I will leave a comment with a link to my new profile :D

As we head into the New Year I wanted to take a moment and wish everyone Merry Christmas (if you celebrate) and continued Wordpress Health (gotta have those sites strong!) ... I'd love to hear any ideas for topics for webinars, Hangouts, or even documents we could share within the group that would help make this an even better resource? 

Special thanks as always to my amazing guys +John Moore  and +Bob Dunn - without them this group would be a chaotic mess :D 

My youngest is finally on the road to recovery so I thought I would stick my nose back into the group for a few to say hello! Looks like some great posts have come through and I want to welcome new members and encourage you all the interact, help, ask questions! That's what this group is for! 

Thanks again to my marvelous moderators +John Moore and +Bob Dunn guys have been so awesome in keeping everything running smoothly! 

For those who don't know I my kids and my hubby have some health conditions that sometimes keep me from being a part of everything online the way I would want to. I tend to still post on FB if you really miss me (that's the sound of me laughing there!) but don't get around to all the different sites. So if you see me missing now you know why, and know why I asked for a little help making sure the community runs smoothly whether I'm able to check in or not. 

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Bobby 'n Brady - Buds singing You've Got a Friend in Me - be prepared to smile!

Looking for some help here - I'd love to find a great moderator to pull up who can help when life gets a little crazy. 

Also ... STOP the spamming folks (you know who you are!!!) This is a group about support and community ... not your personal link-sharing zone. Contribute to the community - comment, share, encourage others! Please!

I'm getting ready to head out of town to a convention (non-Wordpress related but woot!) ... but I wanted to address some confusion over the community guidelines. I don't, as a rule, mind you sharing a link as part of discussing something posted to the discussion section or another BUT keep in mind the guidelines: 
Thou shalt not self-promote -- this means if it is your own link you better have an extremely good reason for sharing it, besides wanting to share the link. Sometimes it's great to spread discussion from site to social platform, so I won't just arbitrarily say don't share your own links, but your post will be deleted and/or you'll get a sweet warning from our friendly neighborhood moderator.
Thou  shalt not blindly link and run -  I don't care if it's your own link or not, it doesn't help the community to drop a link with no discussion ... period. Your post will be deleted and/or you'll get a sweet warning from our friendly neighborhood moderator asking for more information, a better intro, discussion points ... whatever. :-) 
Thou shalt remember it's a COMMUNITY - chime in on discussions, share great articles with valid discussion/intro and in the proper area -- lots of people love info on Plugins but those should go in the right section, same with CSS info ;-) 
Thou shalt not be a meanie I was gonna say a naughty word but you get the idea ... don't spam the community with your latest and greatest, do chime in to help someone if you have something to add, don't drop affiliate links unless you have clearly stated such (by the way that is part of the FCC guidelines, not even my own - I just adhere to it!). 

Get it? Got it? Great! Have an amazing weekend - I might not be around much but I'll try to check in from time to time and trust our awesome mods to keep the community from self-imploding while I'm gone :D
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