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We, the current moderator team, are searching for new moderators who are willing to take over here. If you are interested, please leave a comment below. +Thomas Scholz and +Gregory Karpinsky and me are answering any of your questions.

In case you are having problems with OS X and #Ruby #Gem installs after an #Mac update to El Capitan, use the following command to install to your local user bin folder:

sudo gem install -n /usr/local/bin PUT_GEM_HERE

Exactly 9900 members now. Counting down...

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After some discussion on Twitter, I decided that we need a reference article about Path and URLs and the right way to point to files in #WordPress  . Published on #WPKrauts  

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I just tried to view some library as UML diagram in +PhpStorm (v8.0.3 on Win7). Shortcuts like Ctrl+Shift+Alt+U aren't working and I can't seem to find any sort of other access to it. The docs clearly [1] are stating that there should be a diagram view. Hope someone can shed lights into that issue. Thanks in advance.


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The spectacular beauty of my country caught in some stunning time lapses. Soundtrack made by nature itself. Via +Michael Cadje 

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The +Salesforce  #UX  team has built #Theo  to provide a common base for all their UIs: Colors, fonts, sizes, etc. A living design system, that pipes tasks through Gulp to produce SCSS, XML and other files needed for the target platform (mobile device, desktop browser, native App). The interesting thing is that they can change one color and have the change instantly available on all their target platforms. They wrote about it and open sourced it on GitHub. Sadly it by now has gained very little attention for no reason. Here's your Sunday must read. The GitHub repo is linked below including an example Repo for their "design properties" (the centralized files).

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Estonia is running their EU compliant digital Signature since more than 15 years now. This year, they are opening their signature to the world. We can all become digital citizens of e-stonia. Maybe time to grab one - and learn from one of the least known EU countries that shows us that innovation serves everyone. PROTip by +Thomas Schranz 

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Unsure where to find #WordPress translation files? Here's the complete guide written by me and Thomas Kräftner - posted on WordPress.StackExchange.

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Having a talk on WordCamp Prague this weekend. Hope you join in. If you are unsure, just watch the beautiful video they produced.
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WordCamp Praha 2015
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