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Social Conscience without Sainthood
I've a problem with the
word charity because I think that NGOs, as I prefer calling them,
really do take the work of moral and social responsibilities that ought
to be taken on by governments. Emma Thompson A bunch of issues have been playing around in m...

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When We Lost Our Mojo
In my course on The Economics of Organizations I do a section on personal reputations.  As we use student blogs to ready the class for discussion on the issues, it may be interesting to consider the prompt I gave students on this topic. The topic is persona...

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Sweet Little Sixteen
This post is a diversion, allowing me to dovetail two different "sweet sixteens," each of which is timely.  The first is the Chuck Berry classic song from 1958.  The tune and lyric are both so familiar.  Also, it is kind of amazing to see a young Johnny Car...

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There is a notion in economics called skill-biased technical change , where the innovation favors certain forms of labor (those who have the required skills) and is pernicious to other forms of labor (those who lack the skills).  Economics itself may be bia...

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Automation and Taxation
I am quite happy to have capital substitute for labor, especially when the labor is my own and the capital is inexpensive to purchase.  Examples abound.  I can't remember when I last did my taxes by hand rather than on the computer.  My dad did them by hand...

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On learning to argue with people where we disagree - what's possible and what isn't.
I am reacting to this segment from the Charlie Rose show , which featured Frank Bruni of the New York Times and Jonathan Haidt of NYU.  It is quite interesting viewing so I encourage others to watch it if you haven't already.  Nonetheless, I was not happy w...

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Socialism Reconsidered - Part 3
This is the third in an occasional series.  You can find the previous posts by clicking the label at the bottom of the post. Let's begin with a bit of Americana - No Taxation Without Representation .  Every school kid learns this was the cause of the Americ...

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Heroic Assumptions and Incompetence
It is not going over the cliff that's the problem.  It's looking down after that. The Lesson of Wile. E. Coyote This piece was motivated not so much by current events but rather by reading something I wrote almost 10 years ago in a piece called Facsimiles ,...

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La Trompette
In summer camp at the mess hall sometimes near the end of the meal the head counselor would lead everyone in song.  He was Italian and he would do this song about musical instruments - some I remember are la violina, la mandolina, and la trompette.  Except,...

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The Legacy of David Palmer
Searching Amazon Prime for some show to watch last night, I found 24 and watched the first episode of Day (Season) 2.  IMDB reports that the episode first aired on October 29, 2002, and clearly 9/11 had an impact on the story line.  While terrorist threats ...
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