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Genius 2.0: saved songs, new song page with animations & transitions!

Genius, now with more swag! The idea for the full bleed song header started with our designers, and they worked with me to get the perfect blends of gradients and put up with my endless motion prototypes when I insisted on animating every piece of it individually.

The header effects are inspired by (and heavily based on the implementation of) the support lib's CollapsingTextHelper and the open-source Plaid app by +Nick Butcher. The FAB is anchored to the header in the CoordinatorLayout. The transition is a Fragment shared element transition. Now I've wrapped my head around them, I can't wait to stick them everywhere. I'm planning to soak up more wisdom directly from +Ben Weiss at his +Droidcon NYC Transitions session. Hope to see you there!

We also added saved offline songs, a longtime feature request. Saved songs are an experimental feature, and THEY'RE ANDROID-FIRST!! I've been nursing a blog post about it, but we've been using Realm as our database and it's made building new features like these super easy.

Finally, this release fixes a few N-specific problems with our text rendering. Huge thanks to +Siyamed Sınır for help with some really weird bugs. :)

Genius on the Play Store:


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my second favorite index!

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One thing that cheers me up after a marathon vortex discussion / rehash of "how are we going to expand into non-rap genres?!" (we figured it out, btw) is to read through some of the positive tweets people have written about Rap Genius. Here's one of my favorites:

I've been adding these tweets to my twitter "favorites" list, but it's hard to browse this on Twitter. So I built THE TWEET WALL:

There you can produce a "wall" of anyone on Twitter's favorite tweets. Just enter their username. Here are my favorite tweets in wall form: (try resizing the browser window!)

So check it out – maybe I'll expand it to show Twitter searches in this form too (ps. I'd be very surprised if this works in IE)


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