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The home of writers || writ \’rit\ n [ME, fr. OE; akin to OE wrītan to write]
The home of writers || writ \’rit\ n [ME, fr. OE; akin to OE wrītan to write]


Is this page obsolete?

And if so, what should be done with it?

I started Writ to create a community, long before communities existed. At the time, we were the only real writing community anywhere on G+. It was ahead of its time, and it provided a great service. It helped people get together. When communities arrived, I was away from the computer for one week. When I got back, there were ten writing communities, three of which having as many community members as we had followers. Many of our own members joined those. I started a Writ community, but it was too late for that.

At one point in time I was acting as the organizer for all things writing on G+. But it stopped, and so, I am outside of those circles of people out there who engage in writing. And so, this page has no function in my (+Jacob Dix owner and creator)  view.

So what should be done? Leave it here for posterity? Only to have numerous people share to it, join it, etc, not knowing it is a dead network? Delete it?

Writ used to be the largest community of writers with near 800 members. We did it all with a Brand Page. It succeeded despite this, but eventually, the continuous posting just to maintain the ability for followers to comment became tedious. Writ has moved to a Community, and what do I find but flourishing writing communities everywhere! It's quite happy to see this. Writ has decided to move to a community too, to perpetuate the good culture we built.

You can find the community here:

This isn't a post to steal members or to compete. I am hoping all the writing communities can work together to make ourselves as well organized and appreciated as is the photography community on G+. I look forward to helping out in any way I can.

+Jacob Dix 

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Writ is moving!

It is clear that G+ Communities is the best option for everyone to interact, independent of my limited capability to post.

I haven't figured out how to get all who have joined this page to also join the Writ Community. So I am sending this initial announcement from the Page to everyone in our circles. I will then send an invitation to a group of 500 initial members, from my own (+Jacob Dix) writer and sci-fi circles.

The group is at this point going to be closed except on invitation. Write or wrong. We'll see how it all goes! I hope you all join me over there, and interact to your hearts content!

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How many of you are working on a  #nanowrimo project?

Tell everyone about it!

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Fantastic opportunity to get your teeth in to writing December's short non fiction article for the lovely +Literary+ . The article should be 400- 1000 words long, and be focused on writers and the writing process.

This month's article topic is:

Marketing strategies for the unpublished, self publishing writer

The article is a non commission based piece and should be submitted to the short articles editor on or before the submission date. Although previous experience at writing articles is not a necessary requirement we are looking for professionally written and edited articles that are accessible, focused and have the +Literary+  audience in mind.

Literary plus is a marketing initiative that seeks to bring together authors and related cre­ative spe­cial­ities with the goal of help­ing each other.

Please submit articles to:

Articles may be edited for content and style, please take a moment to have a look at the submission guidelines on the website:

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