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This song is stuck in meh Head!!! AAHHHH I love it!!

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Part Dos!

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Part Uno!

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This is super nerdy about meh, but i LOVE this game, it's an RPG horror game with an AMAZING storyline.... I instantly fell in love with it, is has a great soundtrack to it! If you don't want to play it and just want the storyline, i'm gonna share an "anime cartoony" version of it in a few minutes. There's only like three parts to it. xD

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This is the music i listen to when i make my poems =) I'm so weird >.< xD

An Original Poem by Shailey Collins:
Do you miss me?
Well i miss you so,
I miss you more than you already know
You are here in my heart,
But we're so far apart,
You swept me away with that kiss during art.
But winter has started,
And I'm stuck in the cold
The warmth that i have
Is having you to hold

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An Orginal Poem by Shailey Collins:
Roses are red,
Violets are Blue,
All i wanted was to love you,
You stole my heart,
and tore it apart
all i could do was just sit there and stare,
And watched as you filled my hopes with despair
But i've gained back the courage,
And gained back my trust,
For never forgiving you, this i must
I know i miss you,
but there's nothing i can do
So please forgive me,
For always loving you
~ </3
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