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Yes, Penn State has already paid dearly, its pristine reputation damaged beyond repair. "Winning with honor," a motto made famous by Paterno, is worth a wince and a cringe. The school will also surely pay from the pocketbook, with untold millions going to victims in civil suits.

The almighty football program at the center of all this must pay, too. It must or else we have learned nothing from this sordid mess.
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i dont understand how punishing the team members themselves as well as the subsequent coaching staff will help anything.
unfortunately I think that the Money-making program must be punished because that seems to be the only way to get through to people, hit them where the money is. to do that, the team and coaching will suffer. it is not fair, but it's no different than punishing a bank for not following the regulations. the employees will feel the squeeze.
I think the team should be punished. Mostly because it is a team. Now the individuals affected.. well PSU should do the stand up thing for once and see to it the students get to a good school. All on PSU's dime.
They shut down FMU for hazing. In both schools the problem of fanatics protecting themselves, their teammates, and their respective programs lead to molestations and death.
They should shut down out of shame if nothing else.
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