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Tuesday Quest
Find news about Tuesday Quest, and give us feedbacks on our games! Or just say hello :)
Find news about Tuesday Quest, and give us feedbacks on our games! Or just say hello :)



We have been working for months on Puzzle Forge 2, and it’s time to tell you a little about it :)

Puzzle Forge had great reviews by gamers since its release and last year we thought that we should improve the game or make it more ambitious.
Due to technical changes during year 2013 we had to take the harsh decision not to continue supporting Puzzle Forge, and to completely reboot the game to a newer Puzzle Forge 2. We hope players of the original Puzzle Forge will find in the new one what they loved in the first one… x10000 :D
So first we’d like to tell a big THANKS to every Puzzle Forge player, hope you’ll like what is coming!

It’s the same puzzle game core experience: use all ressources given to you to create weapons and armors on your board. Then sold them to your customers (usually heroes). The more you last and  sell weapons, the higher is your score.

Now let start the key features!

Create weapons, armor and shield is good, yes, but now with many more combinations available it’s better. To give you an idea, more than 2000 visual combinations are available to create an equipment :)
And that don’t take into account your hability to add magic or… jewels. Yes now you can also make your weapons really shine with a jewelery hability.
We want every equipment made to be unique in price, caracteristics, visual, and let players share their creations with the world via social networks.

You’ll be able to use many more items to help you in your task… classics are back but with jewelery and magic, we added also specific new items, a LOT.
Potions too! it will help you to boost your performances.
So it’s cool all that bunch of items but how can you manage that? with your…

This totally new section allows player to stock EVERY object of the game. You can also keep few weapons to sell them later. An inventory is good, but not without a merchant…

You can see the merchant and trade at any moment what you keep in your inventory. The merchant is 100% dynamic, so sometimes there’s good offers, sometimes the season is not so cool… wait… what? Seasons?

Season changes during the game. Each season have an impact on gameplay and visuals, with specific heroes. Bam.

Talking heroes, they were the only dynamic part of a day in Puzzle Forge. In Puzzle Forge 2 we’ll make our best to bring you each day a different experience. There is now 20 heroes. Sometime an adventurer can ask you for a specific weapon to make an epic quest, sometime an important hero will try to disturb you, some days are intense and other sooooo cool (time to create minerals!). Each experience gives you different rewards, loot, and require different strategies to succeed.

There’s more things to talk about, but we need to keep some surprises ;)
All these additions have required to change some rules and visuals of the original game. It may be a bit disturbing for old players at start, but hopefuly it will be for the best.
Note that screenshots are from a development build and things are not definitive here.

If you have any question about Puzzle Forge 2 we’ll be happy to respond as far as we can :)

Release date : September 2014

Tuesday Quest
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Our new game Hungry Cat Picross is available on iOS and Android. A new way to play picross, with colors and cute cats :)

- 320 levels
- 4 difficulty level from easy to extrem
- A wonderful online feature: 1 super new tuesday level each...tuesday. for free :)
- 100% free
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Tuesday Quest is a french indie game studio from Paris. We have made games for android and this is our first game made with unity3D :)

Well it's a 2D game actually... 

We use Ex2D for sprite management (we'll try Unity sprite manager of unity4 next time) and this tool is really good to quick start. Also used iTwin to make easily sprite movements animations.

If you want to try teh game, it's available on Google Play and also for iOS thanks to unity exports plugins ;)

Have a nice day!

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Tuesday Quest is an indy frenchy game studio from Paris.

We have developed an publish many games on Google Play and recently on App store. If you like simple but fun and rich gameplays, perfectly matching smartphones and tablets controls (well it's what we try to do for each game) 
then give our games a try :D

Have a nice day!

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Did you try Hungry Cat Mahjong?
It's well... Mahjong with cute kittens and cats :)
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