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Measure yourself.
Measure yourself.


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Check out this page if you have ever wondered how many players there are playing AssaultCube.

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File changes visualised as interaction between AssaultCube developers.

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It's been taking me over a month to migrate to a new host. Sorry.

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Thanks, gRamps, the new achievement icons look nice.

Did you know, that in 1.2 AssaultCube will download missing media for you?  You can also download maps manually by typing /getmap <map name>.

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During the 1.2 development the devs decided to move models and textures around. They have slashed quite a few megabytes optimising file structure and the files themselves, but, be warned, old map configs will not work with the new model rearrangement!

RK has created a mapcfg conversion script you can find in /config/ (unix shell script) or alternatively you can use Lucas' mapcfg converter, which may or may not be up to date. Aerkefiende was meaning to write a windows one by the time 1.2 ships. As for OSX, linux one might work.

1.2 release is going to bring quite a mayhem to AC forums. Marvellous.

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I'm not dead yet, just busy doing things for the next version of ACstats. :>

G+ what have you done to yourself. :<
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