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Howard Solomon
Dad, public relations guy, ultra runner. In pretty much that order.
Dad, public relations guy, ultra runner. In pretty much that order.

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Curious if anyone is still out there? Was talking Google+ yesterday with a client and realized I haven't check on here in months. Anyone use this with regularity? Would be curious to know.......

Still can't get over that Michigan game last night. Those are the ones we usually lose. So nice to finally be on the other side....

I have to say that I'm pretty impressed by the new Path 2.0 app. This is one I could actually see using beyond the initial 48-hour hype cycle.

Anyone out there running North Face race(s) in Marin County?

Any other ultrarunners out there that also do Cross Fit? If so, thoughts regarding benefits related to running?

Anybody still out there? Curious as to whether anyone is using Google+ more now than they were a month (or two) ago. I suspect the answer is no.

My Google+ stream goes something like this: Rubel, Rubel, Scoble, Rubel, Scoble, Scoble, Scoble, Rubel. Literally. Nothing wrong with them at all - they present lots of good information - but need engagement from others for this thing to take off (for me personally, that is)

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Started a new blog at Tumblr (something I've wanted to experiment with for a while). Check it out and let me know what you think: Be sure to leave a comment!

Anyone out there ever been to Ashland, Oregon? Such an incredibly cool town.

Less than 48 hours until the Vermont 100 miler. All systems appear to be go. Ready to get this show on the road.
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