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Friedger Müffke
Android Enthusiast - Founder of OpenIntents and Droidcon
Android Enthusiast - Founder of OpenIntents and Droidcon

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Proud to announce the 1st ever International DroidCon in Vietnam. It took us 5 months of preparation and had 18 speakers from other countries

Android Things and Android Open Accessories (ADK)

There was a question in a comment of a post by +Kevin Kreger about ADK and Android Things. What are the use cases when you would use ADK on an Android Thing device?

Users of the AT device would need to carry it around and connect and disconnect it to your accessory from time to time. Any product ideas for that?

If the AT device is connected all the time to the accessory it would probably make more sense to integrate the accessory into the AT device.

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If Android Things gets open source I would like to see support for RISC-V SoCs like

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Interested in support for analogue pins?

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Just for reference:

Especially, have a look at the known issues.

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Interesting discussion here

Do we want a 32bit or 64bit Android on rpi 3?

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Android Things has been announced.
I am reviewing my ADK project to see whether it makes sense with Android Things again.

In the documentation, user-space drivers are registered in an appropriate service. However, it is not explained when these services are created and running.

Are they managed by the system?

Are they supposed be to starting on boot (through ON_BOOT_COMPLETE broadcast - is it sent at all)?

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Looking for inspirations? Back in 2011/2012 there were a few projects realised using Android ADK, i.e. Android + peripherals. These can now go into mass production with Android Things.

Have a look at (I am the maintainer)

What is the Google BSP? The documentation is very thin.

"The Board Support Package (BSP) is managed by Google. This gives you a trusted platform to develop on with standard updates and fixes from Google."

How can I push my own updates? Is it possible/allowed/forseen to create own BSP (as in Brillo)? Or sign the AT app with the system key (e.g. for reboot permission or so).
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