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Téa M
@Tease3211 on Twitter, PSN ID Tease3211
@Tease3211 on Twitter, PSN ID Tease3211

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It's been like a year and a half.... still don't get on here much. Reach me on the tweets. It's much easier.

I think I might give up on Google+.  Haven't posted here in ages anyway.

Deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Maya Angelou. 

And while we're at it, somebody make a friggin' #Storm  movie already! #XMen 

Seriously, it was that bad.  Can we get #WolverineAndFriends  trending please?  

Just saw #Wolverine Days of Future Past. There were cameos by other #XMen.  They might as well have called it #WolverineAndFriends.

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Anybody seen today's Google doodle?  A playable Rubik's Cube!

So far the 3 major events I've organized for work this spring have all set attendance records.  Yup. Maybe this is a sign what I should be looking for as a new career path.

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no, Google, you cannot have my phone number.  I don't want that information online.  please stop asking.
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