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vends wacom cintiq 22", malheureusement tres peu servie et quasi neuve, sans la moindre rayure

a prendre sur place pres de paris ( ivry ) pour la modique somme de 1100 euro à débattre
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Kuro Tori

Android TV Games And Controllers  - 
hello world ...

anyone test 8bitdo fc30 pro with rooted shield tv? and emu screen function? complete fail for me

about touchscreen function on pad directly and works perfectly on rooted tablet :'(
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Kuro Tori

Android TV Games And Controllers  - 
hello :)

i need help to pair ps4 controller in bluetooth with the shield tv ( wich is rooted ^^)

got all sisaxis app on shield
paired the controller on pc

the shield see the ps4controller but stay stucked " in association "

so if someone can help me please :)

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horrible.......input better to be wired on shield with ds4, the input lag is absent on both tablet or phones 
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Kuro Tori

"Main Discussion Forum"  - 
A very simple question please....

Is it possible to download a movie paid in the google movie on the shield ? So yes fully legally
If yes how please ? Because i don't find how...
And yes i know how to put movies in kodi etc question is really about google movies ; )

Thx : )
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thx both of you ^^
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Kuro Tori

"ROOT SHIELD TV/Nexus TV/Razor Forge TV/ADT-1"  - 
This the result for supersu in the way of root...
I don't understand why because i follow exactly the post instruction
Oem unlock ok
Twrp ok but reboot itself after a while and back to stock and ....unroot
Here is the screen with supersu error...
If someone can help please

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Cisco, sorry for the mistake this is the good link for the twrp you gave me i think i was wrong on the link one or two posts before
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