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Art Journal: Thank You!
Greetings! Have you've been thankful for today? Sometimes we forget to say thank you for those who helped us. Sometimes a simple word like thank you can make someone happy, although what they did is not that important. Sometimes thank you also means you're ...

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Daily Pictures: The View
Greetings! ❤ Today I was at the Azra Hospital to check out the progress of maintaining the roof. This is the view from the front corner and I am so happy to see this result. The Bougainvillea flowers coloring the color palette perfectly. And the greenery ma...

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Enjoy My Book Club: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo
Greetings! ❤ Let's start the year with fresh new way decluttering your life, start from your house! This book is really inspired me to declutter all the things in my house. Start from clothes, books, papers, and all the small things inside the house. Someho...

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Daily Pictures: New Perspective
Greetings! ❤ This time I get a chance to learn something new which a little bit out of my knowledge. It's about hospital and healthcare facilities. Although I learned many things in college, but just a little of the knowledge I got that I can use in this wo...

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Art Journal: Daydreaming
Greetings! ❤ Sometime all you have to do is daydreaming and make it happen. Well, I guess daydreaming isn't all bad like that. Sometimes, you'll get much ideas in your daydreaming activity. But make sure you do all the ideas come true. That's all for today....

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MondayFest: It's Rainy Day!
Greetings! ❤ Since we have an internet connection problem yesterday here, so I could post MondayFest now. But no worries, the connection's already in control now. Let's start the fun! These past few days the weather was acting so weird all day. 5 mins was s...

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Weekend Projects: Appliances Setting and Coffee Training
Greetings! ❤ I am still maintain my work at Azra Hospital in Bogor this January up to the opening in February. Make sure everything's set and proper for the opening. Well, yesterday was my duty to accompany my client to set up all the appliances at the coff...

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MondayFest: With Love
Greetings! ❤ This week I have a special order from a girl for her birthday boy. Happy birthday! That's all for today. We'll see you all again soon! Thank you for reading! Remember, think interior design, think House of Smichi!

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Art Journal: Love is All You Need
Greetings! ❤ This time, I try to do a brush lettering in my own style. It's kinda hard to do brush lettering actually. I think I'd prefer to do my own typography style. I do my style with all kinds of Sakura decorative pens: Stardust , Aqualip, and  Metalli...

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Art Journal: Hello! It's Me
Greetings! ❤ This is my Art Journal of the day with another doodle. I love making doodles. Doodles can calm my mind and sharpen my creativity. Sometimes people would like say doodling dries your ink fast. But for me, doodles fill my brain with happiness and...
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