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Wolf Weber
Solution Focussed Consultant & Coach; Thinker; Gourmet, Zen-practising Nerd.
Solution Focussed Consultant & Coach; Thinker; Gourmet, Zen-practising Nerd.

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Aus Gründen - Mal wieder Zeit für ein paar deutliche Worte.
Auch wenn unseligerweise all die, die es am dringendsten bedenken sollten, sich das sowieso nicht anhören werden. Oder, schlimmer noch, so in ihrer Ignoranz und Selbstgerechtigkeit fest stecken da sie es erst überhaupt nicht zur Kenntnis nehmen wollen.

Leute, es wird dringend Zeit, das ihr anfangt euer bisschen Hirn tatsächlich zum Denken zu benutzen, anstatt Parolen, Gerüchten und Hasspredigern blind zu folgen, weil es ja so viel einfacher ist mit dem Finger auf andere zu zeigen und auf andere einzuhacken. Und das nur, um sich selbst ein wenig besser als "die da" zu fühlen und jemanden zu haben, auf den man sein eigenes jämmerliches Versagen im Leben abwälzen kann.

Wer immer diesen Post sieht und sich selbst angesprochen, oder gar davon beleidigt fühlt, sollte eines Wissen: "Ja, genau DU bist gemeint".

Und wem das im Video gesagte gegen den Strich geht, der darf mich gerne in Google+ und auch im realen Leben "entfreunden". Solche Freunde und Bekannte (auch virtuelle) brauche ich nämlich nicht.

Weder hier noch im realen Leben. Denn ich bin lieber Gutmensch als Arschloch.

Also verpisst euch einfach aus meinem Leben.

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And so thought I when Armstrong entered the Moon

h/t +Jamez Frondeskias

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Shocking Truth

The population in Germany has risen to an all time height by hundreds of thousands of refugees and asylum seekers. And the crime rate had gone down. Life became more secure.
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Breathing Life into Echoing Halls of Silence

My experience of Google+ has just reverted back to my old experience of lots of interesting conversation.

All that it took was to have a post that generated a lot of conversation like the one from a few days ago on losing patience with this place. Suddenly, my new posts since then are generating the attention of people who like to comment and are good at it.

I am responding, but other than that I am not doing anything different.

This suggests that one of the things that may have dampened down conversations on Google+ is a coincidence of the way the algorithms play with the new Google+ UI. Let's say, for arguments sake that the cumulative effect of the UI changes was to dissuade commenting (for example by exposing posts to large volumes of low quality commenters who drown out conversation with noise, by prioritizing topics over human relationships, etc.). Were conversations to drop like this, the algorithms would have to compensate by relying instead on other signals, signals let's say, like plusses.

Plusses are a low-effort form of engagement. Long, thoughtful posts with something to say are more work. It's much easier to plus a pretty picture, fit example, and so pretty pictures get lots more plusses.

In an environment with a profusion of low-effort and lower-quality engagement, the algorithms are left with nothing but lower quality signals to fuel their work. As a result, chaff is prioritized over wheat, and noise over signal, as we begin consuming a high carb diet of fast-food posts. This feeds the demand for more low quality and the viscious cycle repeats.

The results are virtual hallways, echoing with pings of plusses, in the absence of stronger human relationships and the conversation it generates.

What I'm suggesting here is that perhaps getting good conversation going requires some effort. Perhaps "garbage-in-garbage-out" really is a thing when it comes to social networks, and particularly with interest-sharing networks like Google+.

If this is true, then user experience design that automates and trivializes engagement can't help but trivialize content too. When that happens on a content sharing network, it falls into a downward spiral like that which I described and many others echoed the other day.

The good news, if this is true, is that the problem is addressable with revisions to the user interface.

But. Time. Is. A. Tickin'...

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Once upon a time...
Long time ago, in a world far, far away … even ogers were decent.

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Ayn Rand’s “philosophy” is nearly perfect in its immorality, which makes the size of her audience all the more ominous and symptomatic as we enter a curious new phase in our society….To justify and extol human greed and egotism is to my mind not only immoral, but evil.— Gore Vidal, 1961

h/t to +Uche Eke

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Phrasal Verbs

via +Ilizabeth 77

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h/t +Daniel Glass

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No, physicists have not created “negative mass”
Thanks to BBC, I will now for several years get emails from know-it-alls who think physicists are idiots not to realize the expansion of the universe is caused by negative mass. Because that negative mass, you must know, has actually been created in the lab...
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