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Send and receive faxes worldwide at superb rates with the PamFax online service. Apps available for Windows, Mac OSX, iPhone, iPad and Android.
Send and receive faxes worldwide at superb rates with the PamFax online service. Apps available for Windows, Mac OSX, iPhone, iPad and Android.


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Partner Spotlight

My Scans is a well known document scanner and document organiser for iPhone and iPad!

It is super simple to use. Just take a photo of a document, invoice, business card, bill, contract or memo and save it.

My Scans will do the rest. It detects edges and converts photos to a (searchable ) PDF document.

You can send documents by email or print them anytime you want.

With My Scans Cloud you can synchronise documents between your devices, access files on your computer via a Web browser, collaborate with others using shared folders and share or receive files through download and receive links .

From now on you will have all the documents you always need in your pocket!

Main features:
- Automatic document edge detection and crop
- Create searchable PDF document
- Multiple pages in a single document
- Amazing file and folder organiser
- Share your documents as Images / PDFs
- Print documents from the device
- Send fax
- Search the document
- Cloud collaboration (group documents)
- Cloud sharing (share only link to files and folders)
- Cloud backup
- Cloud access documents via browser (no app needed)
- Synced documents on multiple devices

The popular My Scans application uses the robust PamFax platform for sending documents quickly and securely.

More information and free download at

Top App is a well-established studio with over 75 million apps already downloaded on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

PamFax is a worldwide online fax provider based in Germany, providing an easy, inexpensive and secure way to send and receive fax documents via web and a variety of applications.
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New feature: Pay for your PamFax Plan with PamFax Credit

We have released a new payment option in PamFax. If you have a PamFax Plan, or want to purchase one and have enough PamFax Credit in your account, you can now use that credit to pay for your plan.

When you now do the purchase, you will see this option. Note that it will only be available if there are sufficient funds in your PamFax account.
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We pushed out a new PamFax client version for Windows and MacOS. The new version is 4.2.0 and has the following changes:

- Improved notifications re. PamFax Credit and Plans
- New optimized application size and setup experience
- New plugin installer and updater
- Improved document scanning due to updated scanning engine
- Bug fixes, stability, and performance improvements

In addition the new PamFax version will also be available via the Windows 10 Store (for the techs among you, we are using the Microsoft Centennial Bridge).

When you start PamFax you will be notified of the new version and when you accept we will push the delta changes to your computer. This is much smaller and faster than letting you download a complete full installer package.

Note: It will take a while before 4.2.0 will appear in iTunes and Windows Store.

We hope you like the changes we are making and should you have any questions feel free to contact us here or via our support system.
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We released a new version of the PamFax Portal. The new version is fully compatible with mobile devices!

The design is modern and easier to use than the old version.

When you login to the PamFax Portal at you will see the notification banner at the top of the page which will redirect you to the new Portal.

Although we have done a lot of testing, we still may have missed the one or other issue. For this reason we decided to launch it as a beta version and look forward to your feedback on it.

Once we've ironed out the last bits we're switch over.

We hope you like it, please let us know what you think!
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We are proud to present the release of a new Pamela version (

In this version we have fixed all the audio issues that users experienced as well as the issues with video recording. In addition we fixed the recording timer, chat auto reply when on a call and an issue with the Emotions Player not saving settings.

With this update we have fully restored all the functionality that Pamela had before Skype made changes in the API.

The upgrade is free for all users and you will be notified automatically of the new version when you start Pamela.

If you want to upgrade manually then please head over to the website and download the same Pamela edition you have installed. Just run the setup which will update your Pamela, retaining all data and settings.

We want to thank you for your patience as we sorted the issues out. Also we had fantastic help from the Skype team!

Should you have any issues, comments or suggestions we look forward to hearing from you here or via our support helpdesk.
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Information for developers: We proudly announce the availability of the PamFax SDK for iOS and MacOS.

From now you can integrate PamFax into your solutions faster and easier in your iOS and MacOS applications!

The new SDK supports iOS 7+ and all MacOS versions and does not require any additional 3rd party libraries. Add PamFax functions into your applications with a few clicks.

Learn more, look at samples and download the PamFax SDK in our API-Frontend area for developers at (login with your API acount).

Do not have an account yet? Sign up and use the PamFax API with all available SDKs (free):
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Maintenance notice

On Friday, June 3 our hosting provider needs to do maintenance work to switches. This will improve reliability and as a result the PamFax service may be unavailable for short moment(s) during 1:00 and 6:00 CET (German time).

Fax reception will remain to be fully operational during this time.
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We released an update of the PamFax for Windows and OSX apps today.

The 4.1.8 release has a fix for situations where sometimes 800 and 888 numbers were not recognized correctly. The rest of changes are small improvements and bugfixes.

PamFax will notify you and automatically apply the update.

Note: Users of the OSX version will have to wait till Apple approves it to iTunes
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We have updated the PamFax OSX and Windows clients to version 4.1.7.

We've fixed some issues with CSV file import for those who use PamFax to send to larger lists. The CSV importer did not always recognize all data reliably and we fixed that. We also made the importer more flexible so that it detects the correct data better.

In addition we've fixed some smaller bugs and added minor improvements here and there.

For those using Windows, we now also offer the PamFax application as a full 64-bit version. The download page will automatically recognize which operating system and bit version is required for you to download.

If you are currently using PamFax 4.1.6 (which was 32-bit only) and wish to switch to the 64-bit version then you must uninstall and re-install PamFax from

Note that no data or settings will be lost when doing this. Once you moved to the 64-bit version we will push 64-bit updates to you in future.

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We have now made latest version of PamFax for OSX available in iTunes (it was a download from our site before). Enjoy!
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