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Invite Others to Fast with Us, Pray with Us, and Break Fast with Us
I hope that you have read the announcement/overture and are planning to fast next Thursday (the 17th) and participate in the Prayer Service. In addition, I wonder if you have considered inviting other believers who share the same concerns. We have been lear...

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13-December-2015 Orders of Service
As you prepare for worship on the coming Lord's Day, you may find it helpful to have the orders of service: The
Lord’s Day, December 13, 2015 Morning Service (9:30a.m.) (before
worship) prayer for God’s help Psalm 35:11-18 , Prayer Song: (handout) False Wit...

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Thanksgiving Offering Continued and Iowa Presbytery Day of Fasting and Prayer Postponed
Thanksgiving Offering As in previous years, we will continue receiving Thanksgiving offerings for the next few weeks. Designate to one of the following using one of the envelopes provided by the offering box: (1) Middle-East Reformed Fellowship MERF has

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Devotionals for Following up on Lord's Day Teaching from 6-Dec-15
As you continue preparing yourself and your family for worship each week, and following up on the Scriptures that are proclaimed, you may find the following devotionals helpful. Psalm 35:1-10 Questions for understanding this Scripture
passage • What are oth...

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Is Nehemiah 7 a Corruption of Ezra 2?
Nehemiah's New Building Project: God's People In Harvest Church's prayer meetings, we're working through the book of Nehemiah. Yesterday, we were in chapter 7, wherein Nehemiah having finished the labor on the physical wall, begins a new and even more impor...

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27-Sep-15 Orders of Worship for Lord's Day Services
Lord’s Day, September 27, 2015 Morning Service (9:30a.m.) (before
worship) prayer for God’s help Psalm 30:1-5 , Prayer Song: #626 O Lord, by Grace Delivered Deuteronomy 18:1-8 , Prayer Song: #692 To You, O Lord, I Fly Philippians
1:12-14 , Prayer Song: ...

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Midweek Meetings this week
Wednesday, Sep 9., 7p.m. PIONEER HOME PRAYER MEETING . At the Pioneer Home in Orange City ( 118 Florida Ave NW), Harvest will be leading the residents in a brief time of singing, teaching, and praying. The formal meeting concludes at 7:30p.m., but afterward...

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Hints for Parents from Philippians 1:4
In Philippians 1:4 yesterday, we considered a verse in which it is plainly evident that Paul, following Christ, had regular, planned times of prayer in his life. It is instructive that he does not tell us here--or even in 2Cor 12:8 to which we referred--whe...

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Are We Really "All the Same"?
"Many as are the infirmities of the righteous, they do not make a trade of sin; they are not workers of iniquity , v.3." --W.S. Plumer on Ps 28 see also 1John 3:7-8

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William Plumer on Ps 28:1
"It is no hindrance, but a help to have a sense of utter personal helplessness, v.1. Boasted ability does nothing, while humility, relying on infinite strength, does wonders."
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