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Does anyone know when Nougat is hitting the Pure?

Hey all, is there anyway to prevent a Chrome browser window from popping up when I turn on my Chromebook? I've changed the "On Startup" to "Continue where you left off" but that doesn't seem to prevent Chrome from popping up when powered on. Any thoughts?

Looks like Aaron Paul is almost assuredly going to play Eddie Dean. AWESOME casting for this one. Now, who's going to play Susannah?

So here I sit still rocking my 2013 MotoX. Damn I still love this phone but it's time to upgrade. Of course I'm looking at the 2015 MotoX Pure, but does anyone have any idea when the 2016 will be released? My X1 still works fine and I'm almost of the opinion of just waiting unless the new one will be out closer to the 4th quarter of the year...

So baseball is fast approaching and I'm knee deep in draft research for the upcoming season. I'm in a keeper league and need to choose three of the following names. Looking for some help here...

Todd Frazier
J.D. Martinez
Miguel Sano
George Springer
Dallas Keuchel
Max Scherzer


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Has anyone successfully used a MotoX 2015 Pure on Project Fi yet? I heard rumblings that it might be possible to use that combination...

Have there been any updates as to when the Google Play Music Family Plan will be available? Thanks!!
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