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"Where revolutionary meets Wall Street"

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A 90 block chunk of NYC's prime weekend retail businesses were effectively shut down, and within that zone none of the City's nominally 'open' streets or avenues remained open, all occupied by the sheer overflow of women, and men, struggling to be a part of this massive, May-like January uprising. This was a joyous rehearsal for revolution!

It had been a while since I'd gone hiking mid-town Manhattan. Normal Saturday traffic, pedestrian and vehicular, can be intimidating enough, but today the streets between 55th and 40th, Avenues Second to Fifth, witnessed a spontaneous uprising of NY #Solidarity against Donald Trump. Stupendous numbers of protesters over-jammed all of the cities resources and the police were effectively hoist in the petard of their own barricade system, which blocked all crosstown movement, causing the cross-streets to become clogged and overwhelmed with sheer numbers. Assembling marchers were prevented from ever reaching their planned rendezvous points, so side-streets and sidewalks everywhere became rallies and mini-marches of their own.

The police seemed oblivious as every corner of space inside and outside their fences were filled to human capacity. The mayor may have given them laissez-faire orders, or they knew instinctively they were impossibly outnumbered, as well as thoroughly woman-shamed by the stunning spectacle of indignant females of all ages, colors and classes, many pushing baby carriages, along with dads galore carrying youngsters on their shoulders. It was, for all of the chaos, a sublimely subversive NYC afternoon...

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Having read all of the arguments thus far at the Noam Chomsky/John Halle blog post ( ), including those presented elsewhere as pingbacks among the comments, and supporting articles where links have been provided within comments, my respect for the Lesser Evil Voting (LEV) point of view has grown, though I am no closer now to changing my mind than I was at the outset. Some of the arguments, both pro LEV and con, where they differ from mine, I have found to be excellent, and though this should not be a beauty contest, so has been some of the writing itself. In particular, on the pro side and on the con side are equally compelling.

I am saddened to see Halle, Donahue & company indulge in ad hominem sneering in some replies to those critical of LEV, which is a disservice to their own arguments and the debate, and according to Danial Falcone at CounterPunch ( ), Noam Chomsky himself will not condescend to respond to those pointing out the many leaks in his LEV boat, least of all those apparently too-low-to-kick critics at CounterPunch. I admit the quality of writing there is sometimes appalling and the views expressed betimes puerile as well, but again, this should not be a beauty contest, and much at that venue is excellent, needs to be said, and is just not to be found anywhere else.

My respect for this point of view has grown in that I would no longer fault a 'pragmatic' voter holding their nose for LEV in a swing state, though I myself would nonetheless vote conscience and take the long term, third-party-affirming pragmatism over the immediate, negative, stop-Trump kind, and I now find these are evil choices all around, with no clear winner.

Which leads me to the burning questions I have on the subject of third-party voting and building, answers to which may indeed compel me to change my mind on lesser-evil voting...

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We Are Seneca Lake
Protest at Con Edison Shareholders Meeting
May 16, 2016

I declined an invitation to speak at the recent #WeAreSenecaLake protest and rally at Con Edison headquarters in New York City because I knew those already speaking had matters expertly in hand. I also had reservations about making false comparisons between the gas explosion & fire at 7th Street and 2nd Avenue in NYC (see, and the ecological catastrophe waiting to happen if Crestwood and Con Ed go ahead with plans to store methane in a salt mine adjacent to Seneca Lake upstate.

There is, however, one thing both the corporations seeking to exploit Seneca Lake and the landlord/contractor in the East Village explosion and fire do have in common: Both are sociopaths trying to squeeze a bit more profit at the expense of our commons and that at our risk. Noam Chomsky describes this 'technique' of capitalism as: 'Socialize the risk, privatize the profit.'

Things can and do blow up, whether human error, crime, lightning bolts or earthquakes. If they're going to store gas, let them build & maintain the damn tanks where they only harm themselves if they blow. Better still, of course, leave it all in the ground and forget it.

Realistically , turning NYC all electric is a trans-generational job, not the same at all as simply not putting the equivalent of a live nuclear bomb in a salt mine adjacent to a pristine fresh water lake to shave a few bucks off storage costs. And that is to say nothing of the inevitable leakage which will occur. Shareholders should be scared shitless of the liability, which would make Porter Ranch or Flint, Michigan look like nothing.

I was delighted to see the Upstate/Downstate alliance making the point dramatically and effectively both inside the shareholders meeting and outside on the street.

~James Lesni, on behalf of Nine Inch Bride
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Anarchist Book Fair - Judson Memorial Church - April 16, 2016

Despite a gloriously sunny day outside, the dim secnd floor of Judson Memorial Church was crowded with anarchy-minded book lovers browsing the tables. 

Anarchism needs  PR too, and I was invited to shoot the event.

Mark your calendar for April 2017 for the next annual Anarchist Book Fair. For more information

For a great anarchist read, get ~An Epiphany On Wall Street~ into your hot little hands.

Mark your calendar for April 2017 for the next annual Anarchist Book Fair. For more information

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Bernie Sanders Rally in Washington Square Park - April 13, 2016

There are many technically better recordings of this historic event here on youTube, this is simply our best hand-held effort. Filmed from the overflow crowd at the rear of the rally outside the park itself, there is little more than the Washington Square Arch to be seen, apart from the crowds in attendance of course. Some daylight still photos have been faded in and out over the video proper to alleviate some of the monotony of the shaky, nighttime shoot. 

The audio is excellent, thanks to the speaker system provided, however the sections presented here are by no means the entirety of the speeches made, whether by the introductory speakers or Bernie himself. 

Some 30,000 attended (official counts do not include those in the overflow outside the park proper), and the enthusiasm was electric, even after many hours of waiting in chilly weather. 

No matter that we had all heard the talking points before, hearing the man's voice live was a thrill, as was simply being there in solidarity with so huge a crowd at once respectful and loudly supportive.

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No contract. No peace!

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Bernie Sanders Phone Bank Improvised @ Zuccotti Park, NYC March 12, 2016

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Braving freezing wind chills at least 5,000 Bernie Sanders supporters gathered to rally at Union Square and march down to Zuccotti Park near Wall Street. Chanting against 'corporate democrats' and 'the oligarchy,' marchers made their 'Bern' clear to all gathered along the Broadway sidewalks.

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the idea...

"The problem is not the lack of a collective desire for a positive future but the lack of a collective vehicle for positive actions" Randy Powell 

Around the world there are hundreds of thousands of groups and organisations who have social justice at the core of their objectives, from large international organisations to small local community groups. Imagine if the millions of members of these organisations, recognizing their shared objectives, begin to connect and work together on a local level to take real, meaningful action starting in their own communities.

By joining this website you will discover neighbors throughout your community who share your desire to take positive action and create a better future.
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