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Joanna Kosowsky Dane
Joanna has a terminal case of whimsy. She blogs about it at
Joanna has a terminal case of whimsy. She blogs about it at

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Reverted to Draft: Joe Brainard and Marianne Moore
In August of 2011, I was diagnosed with a terminal case of
whimsy. ________________________________________________________________ I find it most interesting and
informative to follow the shiny object, to be distracted by the new idea.    _____________...

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10 Things I've Learned from 1000 Blog Posts
1)  Pick the right name. 2)  Ignore the stats. 3)  The art is in noticing the process. 4)  In noticing the process is freedom. 5)  The principles of composition are the same across all art forms. 6)  Arrangement is our fundamental activity. 7)  Juxtapositio...

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A Visit from Le Flaneur
Le Flaneur asks, Is it over? I say, I don't know.  Other things have come up.  I haven't given it any thought. Finally, I post the details of a 100 Discoveries box: a green field, the black outline of a hand. Le Flaneur asks, Is that it?  Don't you think yo...

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Selections from 100 Discoveries: News you may have missed during Trump's first 100 days.
this and other decorated boxes showing this weekend at Jambalaya

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colorful squares
taken from the inside of the knit purse i bought for $2 from a little girl the day before we left Guatemala

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art school teacher: on writing nonsense
as way to discover rhythm in words i suggest to the students: try writing nonsense it's not as easy as you may think writing whatever word rises to the surface without having it make sense i tell them i once made a habit of writing nonsense months of months...

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Art School Teacher: Comics Class
art by Renaissance High School students photo comic by Chloe We each scribbled on newsprint with a colored marker until there emerged: a face, an object, a figure, a landscape. We each arranged our four drawings as a four panel comic, adding details with a ...

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the night i found a perfect poster for peter
no one showed for the mindful artist class which i didn't really mind since there was a print making workshop in the cool art space by the river! by the time i walked there the gallery was full of ladies  in various stages of the printing process and on the...

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Art School Teacher: six word stories assigned, rebellion rising
teacher assigns students groan teacher sighs students know the teacher doesn't know students demand no restrictions! teacher cries teacher books spring break to Guadalajara resignation letter signed, sealed never sent teacher  spends weekend grading papers ...

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poem for chakra ajna
one pointed focus two petaled flower violet third eye cultivating wisdom seeing clearly non-duality all opposites as one awakening unity between the eyebrows sounding om all seeing third eye limitless Self discerning clearly limited personality two petaled ...
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