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Layouts, attributes, and you

Picking the right layout can make all the difference. But how do they differ? How do you decide? What even is a layout?

Watch the video to learn the basics, then read the blog ( for details on many of the common layouts you might want to use.

Pick the right layout and continue to #BuildBetterApps

Check out the full playlist ( for more!

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How to show Google search in overlay mode?

Hello everyone, hoping someone knows how to show Google search in overlay mode (pictured below) my guess is it is an intent but maybe it could be something else. 

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#androidDev, In case you didn't know Android Studio (stable version too), includes a handy tool called analyze stacktrace which allows you to paste a raw stacktrace (extracted from CrashLytics or whatever...) and link your code. 

Really cool.

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Folks, I'm moving to a new position at Google — in the Dart team. My current role is up for grabs!

As you may guess, I couldn't be happier about where I'm going. I have been a fanboy of Dart since its beginnings — and these are exciting times for the language. But more on that later, in a separate post.

My first order of business is to make sure there's someone amazing in charge of Google's developer relations in Central and Eastern Europe. Here's a link to the job posting:!t=jo&jid=156915001

Please reshare this to anyone you know who could be interested. DevRel has quite a thin profile (you have to be technical, but also good at communication, organization, management, dealing with complexity, quick learning, explaining, presenting, writing, eating pancakes, creating memes, watching animated gifs, and other things) so the more candidates the better. I know there are people out there that are at least twice as good as I am at all these skills, and it would be a shame if they missed the fact they can put them to good use.

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Android Studio 2.0 with Instant Run

One the most requested features we receive is to make app builds and deployment faster in Android Studio. Today at the Android Developer Summit, we’re announcing a preview of Android Studio 2.0 featuring Instant Run that will dramatically improve your development workflow.

Check out the Android Developer Summit Keynote, and watch the Android Studio sessions streamed live from the event for more details.

Android Studio 2.0 is available now in the canary release channel, so we can get your feedback — so let us know what you think!

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Hey there! Is FORM typeface considered material? Would it be good idea to use it for clock in material app?

Dear google! 
Since you required from developers to provide their postal address when having in app purchases. I started getting spam mail from various advertising companies to my home!  Please Please make them solve some captcha or something before displaying my address!!!  

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