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Didn't score well today, but it was a beautiful day. The Permanent Roommate played the whole 18 for the 2nd time (so awesome, she has gotten so much better in such little time especially considering how infrequently she plays), dog had a wonderful time.

Regarding my game, well it far from the worst outing, but it didn't start well, but I managed to get better as we went on and played better on the back 9 than I usually do. Normally a NBDGC, I take advantage of the front and the wheels fall off in the 'grove'. Today was simply the opposite. Despite the difficulties I did have, I had so many beautiful drives and 2nd shots that it's hard to be actually displeased with the effort. Not to mention the ability to get out of my head when things were falling apart and manage to relax again. It made all the difference.

Ending score was 72, a solid 18 over par, but considering I had two back to back QUADs!! In the name of all that does not suck!  Despite that I still had a back 9 without a single double AND 2 birds. Really a great day the more I think about it. 
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Ya when it went bad I started trying shots I normally wouldn't have. 
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Joel Rene Cano

General DISCussion  - 
Can't get to sleep, too excited about playing North Bonneville over the river in Washington tomorrow, hope it doesn't get too windy on me. That is an inherent difficulty throwing plastic anywhere near the Columbia Gorge.
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Oh I will, I really enjoy that course. Great views, has a really player friendly design in that the first 6 holes allow you to really (if you're playing reasonably "on") get a nice birdie par, groove going before it gets too difficult. At that point you're loosened up and confident. Last time I played the wheels came off on the back 9, but I'll be ready tomorrow.
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Joel Rene Cano

Northwest USA Courses  - 
Last Monday I got the opportunity to play Buxton Woods. BW is a private DGC outside Buxton, Oregon, it's up the hill from the Banks Veronia Trail Head. Cost was only 3 per player and there was no limit on number of rounds. It sports gorgeous powder coated Blue Bentleys for all 18 pins. They have picnic tables at all tee pads but one (13), and brooms at all tee pads, some even had rakes. Overall the course is very enjoyable, well cut and thought out, while it isn't long, it does offer plenty of birdie opps for the intermediate to advanced player (four of five ace opportunities as well) but isn't so difficult as to not be conducive to the novice. When we played we had the course to ourselves which I imagine is somewhat common during the week. 

All photos are from the tee pad area. When the basket is in view I will try to point it out, but we all know how much course designers love the blind doglegs.

48070 John Lee Rd
Banks, OR 97106
45.715045, -123.174069
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It's not private like that, +Jeremy Hodges it simply means it's on private property and not land owned by the city, county or state. (Although technically ALL land is owned by THE State) Anyone is welcome, you don't need a tee time, you just show up. The 3$ is less than the day fee at many of our (Oregon) state parks, I meant to ask if they are/will be doing a pass option (like the state parks) but it is a bit far for it to be a more than monthly course for myself.
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+Detroit Lions Do NOT be surprised if at some point in the near future the cannon armed head case Mr. Stafford is usurped on the depth chart by Kellen Moore. Joe Lombardi will have no problems with his height, his accuracy, placement and anticipation are better than Stafford's and he knows how to play disciplined football.
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Joel Rene Cano

Scorecards  - 
Sans actual photo of card. It was a beautiful morning that was NOT reflected in my game. A lot was learned however AND I, at least, toughed out 18. I had originally planned to get in a minimum of 27, maybe 36, but it just wasn't going well, I couldn't get out of my head. 

For the record I was +2, 2 bogeys, 2 birdies, and a double (OB Penalty stroke)

One thing I've learned is, IF you're like me; and God help you if you are my condolences brother, if you're like me you like to compartmentalize methods and styles of practice. It should be obvious but I'll point it out anyway, that anytime you are not playing in a tournament or literally against/with other people. Whether you are keeping a strict score on yourself or not, it's a practice situation. However these occurrences have variety. Playing a course and making multiple throws from every tee or every chosen lie is a situational practice. Playing a course by yourself; as if you were playing with others, is like a scrimmage of sorts. Just driving and throwing placement shots in a field or putting in the half to full hour of putting once or twice a week, is a drill. Laborious but oh so necessary drill. I like to have these described scrimmages with the course as witness as often as possible, but the one thing I definitely took from today is NOT to do a hybrid round of play. If you're going to scrimmage a course, do THAT! Take strict score, throw only once per lie, yada yada. If you are going to throw a course with multiple shots per lie and experiment on a course you are overly familiar with to update or check your abilities, do THAT! But in the name of all that does NOT suck, do NOT do both.

Today I started pretty well, and somewhere around number 5 I started to "experiment" this led to over thinking my drives: was my back opposing the target completely? Did I point my arm straight back from the target? Was I turning on my whole foot, or remembering to pivot on the heel? I removed my self from my comfort zone in a matter of 2holes and suddenly everything felt a little off. That the one double bogey was the difference on a course I should be able to at least par over every 18, was fantastic in that I was battling the whole way. Even when things are comfortable and ON, I am far from the consistency I wish to be  able to execute. I know I am not a professional, but I'm certainly no spring chicken.

All in all, when I think about it and reflect it was a morning of growth, beautiful weather, and 18 glorious holes of DG. I'd say I'm winning so far today, and it's not even noon. Now if I could only motivate myself into getting some school work done.
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Joel Rene Cano

Scorecards  - 
I AM a dinosaur. My scorecards are normally created by myself before I leave the house. It's a repurposing of cardstock that was originally used to provide large bags of "guest towels" (see fancy paper towels);  where I used to work as a porter in a steak house, a firm shape support. They're perfect for making scorecards, they can be shoved into pockets and keep their shape nicely and they are a naturally firm surface to write on. Obviously I do not own/use a smart phone. Although knowing me and my preference to antiquated ways of stylus to medium, there is a good chance I would still keep my score "manually".

My past four rounds since March 27: (the only 4 on any of the three courses is 13 at Lunchtime, and it's barely a 4, but I ain't no pro so I play it a four so long as I'm throwing from the long tee)

Lunchtime  :  +7 (62)
Lunchtime  :  +7 (62)
Dabney         :  + 12 (66)
Buxton W    :  + 5  (59)

8 double bogeys, 20 bogeys, 41 pars, 4 birds.

Not the worst start to the personal '14 season, not the best but my game is coming along and coming back. I'm pleased that the layoff (mostly school related) didn't really affect my game, I'm actually driving better, but I NEED to practice putting more regularly. So many of those bogeys, (at least 8-9 of them) were just missed, hit the bucket, off the mark par putts. A good 12-15 of those pars were missed birdie opps.
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Nice I have to do the daily grind but my perk is off mon and tues hit the courses when most are working
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I know it's been asked before, but

What kind of shoe do you were for DG?

I play a number of courses that my Keen work boots have been exemplary for, however (not that I can currently afford it, but) I'd like to have other options especially for the warmer, drier months of summer/early fall. 
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Thanks everyone, I've been eyeing several varieties of hiking shoe.
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Joel Rene Cano

commented on a video on YouTube.
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So are you starting a EVH replicax company or what?
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