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Zulf Uriguay
Urgent care is medical care for all your non-life threatening ailments.
Urgent care is medical care for all your non-life threatening ailments.

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Have you been suffering from itchy, watery eyes, a runny nose and more?

It's very possible that you are suffering from a pollen attack. We are right in the middle of the pollen season and it's causing quite a stir.

If you are feeling a bit off but don't quite have flu-like symptoms, you may be effected by the pollen - read the article here now and come see us today!

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The CDC is warning people of a rise in what they call the "Nightmare Bacteria" that is virtually immune to most all forms of antibiotics.

Read the article here now and learn how to protect yourself!

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Have you ever been bitten or attacked by a turtle? Have you or a loved one been crushed by a merchant ship?

Well, a new system ordered by the U.S. department of health now provides over 68,000 codes for doctors to specify just these types of medical emergencies.

Read more about them here now -

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Surviving a sickness away from home may be harder then you think.

Many of us are used to mom's chicken soup or many of the other things they do for us when we are in bed ill. It all just makes us feel just a LITTLE BIT BETTER when they do it doesn't it?

Do you know how to survive being sick when your not in their care or away from home? Read the article now and learn more.

When your loved one's aren't around to take care of you come see us here at Urgicare - we will treat you like family!

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Have you been coughing, sneezing and just run down lately?

You may be getting a cold or worse yet, the Flu. We've heard of some strange home remedies to ease the discomfort of the Flu but here are some of the strangest yet -

Read more now about these bizarre Flu and cold remedies. Come see us today if you are feeling under the weather, we can help!

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If you get injured do you know where you're going in the event of an emergency?

Would you race to the ER and possibly sit for hours? Do you call your family practice doctor and make an appointment or would you head straight to the Urgent Care Facility?

Check out this article now that explains WHY going to the Urgent Care Facility, like us could prove to be CHEAPER even after insurance co-payment reimbursement.

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Are you someone who drinks RedBull, Rockstar, Monster or other types of Energy Drinks?

You should definitely read this article about what researches have to say about consistent and prolonged use of energy drinks and the effects on your body.

Be in THE KNOW - Courtesy of UrgiCare South Tampa

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Want to learn how to stay healthy?

Start by teaching your children good eating habits early on. Read this great article we found that tells you all about how to get your children started eating right now and how it will help them stay healthy for years to come!

If you or your family are feeling a little under the weather come in and see us - no long lines, no long er wait times.

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With the winter in full swing here in Florida many Emergency Rooms are being hit hard. Considering the Flu Virus is bad this year and there are so many snowbirds in town many hospital are overwhelmed!

Here at Urgicare South Tampa we will get you in and seen quickly - No long lines, no long waits and NO HIGH PRICES.

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A woman in Akron, OH was recently fired from her position of 19 years in healthcare for not getting a Flu Shot!

Check out the video and the story here - What are your thoughts?

Do you agree she should have been FIRED over a Flu Shot?
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