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The 10K Challenge is by far the best program I've been with. Day 42 and I Paid my upgrade about a week ago and since then I've been paid THREE TIMES!!! ANd there's more to come! I'm sold with this :)

Hey this 10K Challenge is so cool. I'm on day 32 and have 41 referrals.
I'm due to upgrade in a few days (pay up to my sponsor) and already one of my referrals is due to pay me in 7 days. The first of many! This WORKS!!!!

I'm really enjoying myself with The 10K Challenge! I've got 39 referrals and my referrals are getting referrals :) And I'm only into day29! A brilliant concept!

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Ok, now I AM excited. I've just qualified at Infinity Downline! Yoohoo!!
Any 10K recruits out there that would like some free advertising, just join any of my TAE sites shown belowuse promo - million and get one million points at any site

The excitement's building :) 5 referrals in the 10K Challenge now and one more to qualify in Infinity Downline. Looking good here!

Hey, I'm excited too! I've just upgraded 2 referrals in Infinity Downline. Looks like I could be on a winner with the 10K Challenge :)

I'm smiling! I just got my first referral in 10K Challenge after two days! :)
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