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Scandi Divers Resort mananger Terry O’Dowd conducted what he called the ‘Jurassic Dive’ on December 31.

The objective was to get old friends back into the water to dive after a lengthy absence. The other criteria was that the guys be ‘old timers’, no young-uns allowed ;)

The seven Jurassic divers had a successful dive at the Sabang Wrecks dive site, and came up at the floating bar for celebrations.

Congratulations to all seven participants, who had a cumulative age of 417 years!

The Jurassic dive will be an annual event, and we are hoping to break the age record next year!

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Congratulations to Jiun Shu Li, Wei Chen, Shao qing Shu for completing their PADI Open Water course with us at our sister resort Scandi Divers This photo was taken just before they were about to embark on their final qualifying dive, with Dive Instructor Conan, and Divemaster intern Momo.

The PADI Open Water course is the most popular scuba diving course worldwide, and is your passport to international scuba diving. Once qualified you can dive with a dive buddy anywhere in the world.

The course only takes a few days and will equip you with a large amount of knowledge and skills. The course includes an confined-water (swimming pool) training sessions, open water (the ocean) training sessiopns, and an academic section where you will learn about diving theory and diving equipment.

What are you waiting for? Book your dream Puerto Galera vacation with us and get your PADI Open Water qualification while enjoying the incredible scuba diving Puerto Galera has to offer!

Book now at

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Puerto Galera is an underwater photographer’s paradise. With over 40 sites within a few minutes boat ride from our resort, you have so many options to choose from.

The macro marine life is some of the best in the world, with endless varieties of amazing sea creatures to marvel at. Some of them are so tiny, you really have to keep your eyes peeled and know what you are looking for.

Although taking good underwater photographs requires as lot of skill, both as a diver, and a photographer, and countless hours of practice, the results can be very rewarding when you get that ‘perfect shot’

Book your dream tropical diving vacation today!

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Congratulations to our Divemaster candidate and good friend Momo, who recently celebrated her birthday here with us!

Momo has been with us at Scandi divers for a few months now and is a dedicated scuba diving student, working very hard to become a qualified PADI Divemaster!

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Thanks to Finn for this video of our divers swimming along with a beautiful turtle in Big La Laguna Bay, just outside Scandi Divers Resort. There’s some really nice close-up stuff about 1 minute in.

Turtles are regular visitors to Big La Laguna, and one of our favourites. So graceful in the water, they are an absolute pleasure to watch up close.

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Challenge yourself and learn life-saving skills on the PADI EFR course! The EFR course gives you a new skill set that applies to all situations, not just diving.

Do you have what it takes to save someone’s life in the event of an emergency? Put yourself to the test!

We offer the full range of PADI scuba diving courses, from beginners to professionals. Find out more about diving courses!

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Great news for our scuba diving guests!

Sidemount diving and IANTD Advanced Recreational Trimix courses now available, for those who want to improve their diving skills, and are up for a challenge!

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Yu Mengcuan from Beijing with a 13kg Yellowfin Tuna fished from the deep waters off Big La Laguna Bay.

Barbecue? Sushi? Baked? All of the above!

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On the 11 August 2013, a Green Sea Turtle laid her eggs right in front of Scandi Divers Resort, and in order to protect the precious eggs from the dangers of storm waves, animals and people, the eggs were carefully removed an transplanted at a much safer location a short distance down the beach.

73 days later we were lucky enough to witness 54 baby turtles emerge from their eggs! The hatchling turtles have since been moved to the Coco Beach turtle sanctuary where they will be raised until they are about two to three years old, and will hopefully have a better chance at surving to adulthood once released into their natural habitat. Usually the survival rate for turtles here is only about one in one hundred.

3 Juvenile turtles were released from the Coco Beach sanctuary, so we wish them the best, and offer a warm Thank You to our friends at Coco Beach for helping to preserve the precious wildlife in Puerto Galera.

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Congratulations to Miguel and Alex, our most recent students, who successfully completed their PADI Open Water courses!

Puerto Galera PADI Scuba Courses

Puerto Galera is a great place to get your Open Water qualification. The waters are warm and clear, with many amazing dive sites at shallower depths, which are perfect for honing your new-found underwater skills.

Our beachfront resort is only a few minutes boat ride away from dozens of incredible dive sites. So while you are learning, you will also be experiencing incredible underwater environments and see countless species of tropical marine life!

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