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Six Flags MidAmerica
Welcome to Six Flags Over MidAmerica just outside of Saint Louis, Missouri!!

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Christmas Shopping at Bass Pro Shop
Earlier today, my family and I went Christmas shopping in Round Rock, TX. Round Rock is the home of two destinations: Round Rock Premium Outlets and the Bass Pro Shop. (Full disclosure: I do not like to shop, period.) Bass Pro Shop I have never been to ...

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The Electoral College and Why Hillary Lost
The Electoral College voted on Monday and made it official: Donald Trump is our next President. In the news, there still are moans and groans and gnashing of teeth: Hillary lost. She won the popular vote. Why doesn't that make her the winner? These peo...

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Post-Election Blues.... Which way do we go, now???
I just saw this photograph showing the silhouettes of two rhinos walking past each other by wildlife photographer Rudi Hulshof taken in the Welgevonden Game Reserve, South Africa: I think this photo is the perfect metaphor for the leadership of both of our ...

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Recently, we received a package of merchandise that we did not order — the cold-calling salesman on the telephone placed the order, even though we said, "No." A week or so later, the package was delivered by FedEx Ground. They dropped it off at our main ...

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I Watched the Presidential Debate
I watched the debate last night. My experience was summed up in the pre-debate remark: "Are we going to watch Barf-nado 3 tonight?" As of right now, I do not know whom I will vote for. I do not like Hillary Clinton's plans. She wants to increase taxes on...

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The Dr. Pepper Museum
Today, we went to the Dr. Pepper Museum. It is located in the original Dr. Pepper bottling plant on Fifth Street in Waco, Texas. When you come to central Texas, the Dr. Pepper Museum and the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame are two must-see stops. Most of the m...

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Heart of Texas Fair and Rodeo - the Rodeo
Tonight, we returned for the rodeo. We had box seats right near the bucking shoots. This made my daughter very happy. Unfortunately for me, my camera is locked in my car, which is sitting at the dealership awaiting repairs. I have had to rely on my cell ...

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Heart of Texas Fair and Rodeo - Mark Chesnutt Concert
The Heart of Texas Fair and Rodeo opened yesterday. It has the usual assortment of livestock, booths selling food, "skill" contests, rides, farm equipment and, did I mention? food. In addition, there is the rodeo and three — count 'em — three concert stag...
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