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So earlier today I wrote about how Ubuntu is coming to smartphones. So are Tizen and Firefox OS. But do we really need them? Here's my say.
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The point is not if we need them or not, the point is that they are there if anyone want to use them.
+Juanpe Araque That's great logic and reason to put a ton of time and effort into anything, actually. Let's put it out there just in case an extremely small user base wants to use it, and whether there will be a development community that supports it. Smart. I wish more software companies thought this way... You know, for more options. 
If your are Google maybe you won't do that but if you are Canonical maybe you think that another option, based on Ubuntu, might be interesting for a lot of people. If it is not, it will stop but why not try? Sometimes not everyone thinks on making tones of millions with something... sometimes.
+Juanpe Araque Why not try? Seems you didn't read the article--I think it made plenty of good cases for why it's a bad idea or why it won't work.
Great article (as usual) but that Ubuntu is freakin sweet! 
The difference between these new entrants and the latest failed OSes will have to be HTML5's ability to break through all the ecosystem bubbles. And even then that might only get them to 3% market share max. They'd still need carriers to get on board. 
+Marc Flores no, I didn't read the article. And I don't care. I think that a new os is always good. They don't want to become the new iOS or Android. There are tones of Linux distributions that are not the most used operative system but give very good alternative for a lot of tasks.

Do you think that because of MAC and  Windows are very good and give you everything you need, is stupid to have other operative system? Smarphones are not what they used to be: machines with a certain operative system that do the work. They have became more a more like pcs and I am sure that in some times a lot of open operative system may rise and this is always a good idea for the consumer.

I don't care what people write thinking about a given operative system breaking the market or not, this kind of things have no sense at all unless you are talking about Google or Apple.

Mozilla OS, Ubuntu for mobile, and any other operative system that will eventually appear will be a very good new for everyone, more options are always better.
Why are people using the word “need” in regards to OS and why are some people against the idea of having more choices?  If the newcomers fail, then let the market (consumer) decide.  To assume three products (Android, IOS, WP) is enough is exactly what BIG corporations wants you to believe.  
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