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Google users, are you more inclined to use Facebook for targeted search once they open up Graph Search? (news story below)
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yes, as soon as I need results like "friends of my friends who are PHP programmers who don't like sushi", I will be all over it :-)
It actually looks like it will be pretty cool to use! Seems like a very different use case than Web Searches with really impressive natural language understanding!
I agree, but of course we'll have to see how well it does for our own timelines...and how people really use the product (or don't.)
the tech behind it is neat, I just don't see a real world use for it.
I log in to Facebook only when someone is having a birthday.  I post a birthday wish; then, log the F out.  Job done.
This will be a great tool for HR offices all over
+Jessica Dolcourt  For starters, Graph Search is not meant to compete/replace Google, at least not for now. While Google is meant for looking up anything under the sun on the world wide web, Graph Search is exclusive to just Facebook. So does this make the Graph Search lame? Again, the answer is No. With over 1 billion users and 240 billion user uploaded photos and millions of status updates, likes, pokes and what-nots, Facebook is data miner's paradise.
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