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Hey, not bad for a first-timer's live TV spot, right? (Say yes.)
Nokia launched the Lumia 900 this weekend, a Windows phone that Microsoft hopes can steal some business from Apple.
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Jeff K
good job. too bad it's only on AT&T
Totally didn't notice your massive flesh wound, btw.
Great job! I'm glad you were fair in your presentation. Although I prefer Android, I find the Lumia (and windows phone) to be amazing and a much better option than iOS. In fact, it all depends on how you want to use the phone and not just the number of apps that it has.
+Raul Hurtado I played with one ( an AT&T Samsung) yesterday and it is a tolerable alternative to the iPhone. Intuative OS, snappy response and usable. The thing it is missing is the ecosystem. No music, no videos, few apps and no connection to other devices.
+Daniel Cook - I assumed zune marketplace had music and videos...if not, maybe I was too nice when talking about windows phone
+Daniel Cook +Raul Hurtado In fact, it has a section titled Music + Videos. It shows up empty until you fill it with content from your computer or from the Marketplace. Podcasts, Smart DJ (like Pandora music-matching) are also integrated.
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