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If rumors are right, the first BlackBerry 10 smartphone could be called the BlackBerry Z10. What do you think about that for a name?
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I'm guessing more people will care about whether the product is any good, rather than the letter/number combination chosen for its name.
+Anton Wahlman Of course! But since we don't know that yet (I mean really know that,) I thought I'd ask about the name, which could turn out to be true.
I guess that's not a ... bold ... choice. #SorryCouldntResist  
Seriously, it's a more European/Asian style of naming. At least it's not "Blackberry Phone Series 10--Prosumer Edition"
+Jessica Dolcourt Very safe name.  Probably no copyrights or trademarks attached to it.  But not very imaginative.
Why not the Blackberry X Touch?
I've heard worse designators, but they'd better establish how the naming scheme will work quickly (will the next phone with better hardware be called the Y10?  Or what if they make a lower-grade phone?  Will it be the ZB10?)
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