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So, after hearing whispers of this in the fall, I finally get to see this Windows Phone 8 puppy tonight at #CES. 
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Seems like Samsung is still more committed to making great Androids and only decent Windows Phones. But one thing... wasn't the Samsung Focus Flash also a U.S.-launched Windows Phone?
+Daniel Cook Oh yeah, sure, the world is in desperate need of another Linux foundation OS and yet another mobile version of Linux to add to the pile, lol. Talk to me when they plan to bring it to developed markets. In fact, talk to me when Tizen beats Windows Phone in market share.
Yeah, and it was pretty good too. $50! The thing is, a lot of stuff is really standardized with Samsung, so there is brand reliability. It just probably won't wow you.
+Eli Fennell as long as it doesn't run IE I'm happy. Most of the new entrants will go the way of WebOS. 
I just feel like there isn't much you can do with windows phone. as great as it looks it doesn't go dar enough. they really need to open up a but and not be so caged when it comes to UI
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