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These guys  make forklifts and mining equipment...and, apparently, rugged Android smartphones.
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WHAAAATTT!!?? That is funny. What does a company like CAT want to do with the phone market? Well, I guess they are experiencing the credit crunch also.
I'm all there for the hardening of the smartphones, it just wont do any good if battery is terrible. And lets face it, I don't see ourselves dropping the use of our smartphones down the road.
My phone is a tool like all the others in my tool-bag. It is a good idea for companies to look at hardening smartphones for the dirty handed worker.
Great advertisement for Cat, a phone branded with their name, so where used on-Site other construction workers will see it and probably ask about it. Plus it's ruggedized for the sort of abuse it's likely to get. Brilliant IMO. And for once, a company not known for Android has nearly the latest OS, WTG Cat!
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