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Hey, Android fans! +Scott Webster reads between the lines to shed some light on this mysterious X-Phone, thanks to a job req for a product manager here in the Silicon Valley office.
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Are you sure this pertains to the X Phone (or whatever it'll be called). I thought it's been said that these things take 12-18 months of lead time for a phone to reach market from point of inception.
It's strange behavior for a company trying to operate under some secrecy. Perhaps the posting was premature?
+Jessica Dolcourt or a publicity stunt. If it is to be a super phone with input from +Google then why do they need to hire someone from the outside to manage it and why post it? 
+Daniel Cook that is what I'm thinking. No way are they going to hire someone this late for a product that's rumored to launch in less than 100 days. This is either a publicity stunt, or a pre-mature job posting as +Jessica Dolcourt has implied.
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