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HTC and Verizon are on the brink of unveiling...something. We have a pretty good idea what it is, but there are sometimes surprises. Join us live to find out what it is, in 5...4....3...
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Probably a new Windows Phone.
+Jessica Dolcourt I'll have you know my uncle is a giant who would really appreciate a 10" phone.  Kind of hard to climb that beanstalk to get it to him, though.
Don't worry, I'm sure Samsung has him covered. They leave no niche unexplored!
Jessica, your review of the Droid DNA on 11/12 states "long battery life" under your Good qualities.

Yet every other review of this phone from HTC says that the battery is abysmal.

Did you do something different that the other reviewers did not? I'm considering this phone but wanted to get your feedback on the battery.
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