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Today, you can buy 5 quad-core smartphones. 7 months ago, there was just one, and only if you bought the international version, which lacked a 4G LTE radio.

But don't feel bad if you have a dual-core device. Not all quad-core is created equally.
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I just wanted to compliment you, Jessica, on being a great tech reporter and one of the very best in the world of smartphones. I always enjoy your reviews and articles, insightful as this one is. Keep up the good work! 
That was a really nice piece of writing. I feel informed and entertained.
Why, thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I really love writing columns like that. And I take topic suggestions!
Well, +Jessica Dolcourt , since you're taking suggestions, the obvious favorite would be batteries. What is the science/chemist behind modern batteries and why isn't there the same degree of improvements as there is in processors or screens? What companies are investing R/D dollars on battery improvements? What are those improvements likely to be? 
Reminiscent of CNET's dual core article from last year. Wonder what 2013 will bring us with cores.
Why did you need the faster phone when you do is social, watch YouTube, play one or two game more game will kill you battery and phone, and webbing.
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