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Is there some burning question about cell phones that you've always wanted to know -- some detail on how they're made, how they work, if you really need a particular service, etc.

I'm taking your submissions for Smartphones Unlocked!
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Why is Verizon such an update lollygagger?

2nd choice, if the first doesn't make the cut, CDMA and GSM.  What's the deal with these two?
When I have wifi turned on with my smartphone is my dataplan (Verizon) still tracking my downloads since I have a cap? 
+Mike McElroy Ok, see, CDMA and GSM used to be really good friends, until one day CDMA "borrowed" GSM's car without asking, and got into a little fender bender. Things have never been the same since. 
What, CDMA didn't have insurance?  What a dick.
Why do iPhones still have more responsive touch screens than Android phones (at least all the ones I've tried)?
+Stephen Shankland That's a really good question. I know that Apple employs its own electrical engineers to work on touch, so even though they buy (or bought) screens from Samsung Mobile Display, they add some of their own technology. I'm pretty sure Apple won't share their secrets with me, but I wonder if a third-party analyst has more insight.
+Jessica Dolcourt +Stephen Shankland I thought it was because iOS is designed to give higher priority to responding to touch events than Android. Not sure if Project Butter changed this, though. 
My question: will we ever have a day where we can buy an unlocked LTE phone and get service from Verizon, Sprint, AT&T or T Mobile? 
+Lionel D I don't foresee that in the near future; the carriers profit from their business model and have such a stranglehold on the market. Unless or until there's a revolt, why would they voluntarily give customers more say?
What are your thoughts on BB10? Have you tried the developer versions of the next BB phone? Thanks in advance.
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