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Top 7 reasons to watch the last episode of Dialed In: +Stephen Beacham's cell phone horror show, +Brian Bennett's clairvoyance, Kent German as "Skipper," +Bonnie Cha's personal theme song, I get to smashing a phone (and it fights back), +Lynn La cracks us up, and +Nicole Lee is back!
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OMG Nicole! OMG Bonnie Bear! OMG all around!
I thoroughly enjoyed hammer time.
Still can't get over the podcastocalypse on CNET :(
Hope the404 stays...
Podcastocalypse--love it! Don't worry, the 404 ain't budging. In fact, we're all going to take turns piling on ; ) Right, +Jeff Bakalar? : D
Awesome! That's what I needed to hear (had quite crappy day, so I needed some good news).
That's sad this was the only cnet podcast that wasn't so pro apple fan oh well no more cnet from me
I don't know about that +Fernando De Leon... I feel like Android Atlas wasn't very pro-apple... even if people did call in and give them a hard time for just mentioning the word Apple on the air... But anywho.. it is sad to see Dialed In end and hopefully the new cnet shows will be great!
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