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What do you generally do with your old electronics when you're done with them: phones, laptops, etc? Sell, shelve, trade in, something else?
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I sell all of my old Android phones on +Swappa ( Other electronics I tend to use until they break, or sell them on CraigsList. :)
keep...they all have alternate uses
We can recycle them @ wegmans here in buffalo ny. Where we return our bottles 
One of our local thrift stores is licensed for e-waste. So they either resell it or send it off for dismantling.
pass it on, disassemble it, hack it, repurpose it, attempt to sell, then if all else fails recycle it.
Stay in my basement as a reminder of where I have been.
Blend it and put it in a milkshake
Family if they want it, if not...gazelle (if they want it, they are pretty picky) if not, ebay/craigslist depends on what it fetches or the junk drawer!
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