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Whoa, just refreshed Google+ to discover a revamped UI. What do you guys think? #newgoogleplus
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I like it, except a couple of gripes. Like not being able to send emails via profile anymore (button vanished)
I have about 400px to the right of the feed which is a little empty. But otherwise, not bad.
I got it. I like it mostly, except for all the wasted white space to the right of the layout. Needs to be able to expand and collapse to screen size and resolution like Gmail.
For the most part I like it.......I would like to see the empty space on the right utilized a little more. But definitely a Major Go!!!
Strange. I'm still seeing the old G+ interface. I even tried logging out, closing & reopening my browser,and logging back in. Looks the same as it has for a while now.
I found the news via ArsTechinca RSS....
Again G+ didn't inform users...
I like the layout, but Circles layout is still uncomfortable....
I really like the new layout in terms of usability. But there's a lot of white space on the right side which should be put to some use.
Looks ok I guess, if I could put my laptop screen in portrait.. and a lot of things I use is a lot less accessible like saved searches.
Ah there it is! Nice. It'll take a little getting used to, but I can dig it. The biggest change I've noticed so far is the addition of "Trending on Google+". Interesting.
It sounds like nobody knew this was going to happen, is that right? Normally Google's process is to announce that they are going to change something, delay it, delay it again, partially roll it out, revert back, delay it for a third time, partially roll it out again, roll it out the the US only for a couple months. and then finally roll it out completely.
Loving it! Only one thing... it is kind of only on the left side of my widescreen LCD... can I stretch it somehow?
It's a nice update and definitely makes Google+ easier to navigate. Hopefully Google will spend some time on the Android client to make similar improvements.
Looks much more readable. Still have to figure out how correctly to filter/enhance topics...
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