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Man, it's too bad I don't coincidentally have a trip planned out London-way. If I did, I could have made this in the flesh. Regardless, I'll be watching 8 |
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Or if you worked for an organization that would pay to send you there. I believe you should be covering this.
Don't worry, CNET will be there! We have a crack London team who can just take a short tube ride from the office in time for the big unveiling. You should definitely follow +Jason Jenkins and +Luke Westaway.
Thanks for the references. It's always about the bottom line . It remains to be seen if the coverage will be as comprehensive, informative and intelligent. I hope it will, but its a high bar to meet, and I have my doubts. I follow this stuff all the time, and there are but a small handful of writers and journalists who are in the same league with you, in terms of knowledge and understanding what is important to consumers and buyers of mobile devices.
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