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Not for world domination, perhaps, but shared data plans could give them a boost.
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I'm standing in the ATT store and there's two displays. One sells iPads and the other sells Android tablets. The iPads are on and working, showing great video of the magical things your lazy ass will suddenly accomplish, if you buy an iPad. The Android tablets are blank. Not even a cute screen savers. Can't even tell if they're on. Do they even work? Dunno, but I'm not losing my place in line to find out.
I love my Motorola Xoom. So as far as I am concerned Yes... They do stand a chance.
ppl need to get off apple "stem" serious. to many act like apple is the 2nd coming or something. android, better than apple cause it give you CHOICES. so yes to any droid hater out there, non-ipad tablets do stand a chance. spend 500$ on something that i cant even make mine personally be serious.
I never quite got the whole tablet thing. pay so much money for something that only runs these mini apps. I have a small 10 inch laptop that where it's not as thin will run anything that my desktop does and was a fraction of the price as these tablets. That's why I can't see the point of buying a Windows 8 tablet, it won't run the same apps as my desktop and will cost more than a lap top.
+Josh Judge It's actually a valid question on a couple of fronts, but most only straight unit sales. The Android 10" tablet market is not doing well as a whole, relative to the iPad or the 7" tablet (really enhanced e-book reader) markets. From a business standpoint, setting aside technology, it's questionable whether Motorola should be wasting money and time making a tablet.
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