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I'm excited about this for many reasons, including the fact that it'll essentially be in my backyard. Between this and Google I/O, June is going to be a newsy month!
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Though Jessica we have to wonder just how many apps they have to have before Windows Phone starts gaining ground. I have no desire to own one, but I'd like to see it hang around. More choice is a good thing. Is it the lack of apps that's keeping it from growing or something else?
Good luck to Microsoft. They're having a tough time of it lately. Wish I was attending Google I/O.
UGH... Must be nice to be you Jessica...
It's about time... With predicted Win 8 RTM dates, will this event release the WP8 SDK ?
I agree they do need a killer app. But I think the platform needs much more. Broader carrier support would help a lot. Last Oct I had the chance to leave Android and go to a Windows Phone. After some serious thought I walked out with a Motorola Photon. The biggest factor was the fact that I didn't think I could stand to look at those tiles day in and day out. Knowing how well WP7.5 performs if I had other options besides the tiles I'd have grabbed it. I think most of us want more control than just moving, switching and changing tiles. More control over where we buy apps. Many would just have a iPhone if we wanted to be boxed in.
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