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Huawei couldn't have asked for a better CES. And now it can parlay its win there into an even better 2013.
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Huawei : 2013 :: HTC : 2005
My first smartphone was the Huawei Ascend. Nice to see them step up their game. Getting carrier cooperation could be tricky, though.
+Mike Ricca HTC had such a meteoric ascent. It's really sad to see where they are now compared to their promise.
Seriously. I've been a fanboy since their days of building the carrier-rebranded units. Now that they're part of the establishment and no longer the rebel upstart, they've lost so much steam.
Yes! I finally know how to pronounce this company's name! :-)

I have been way off I confess.
HTC fell into the trap of just churning out the same phone over and over again with little inspirational

Samsung on the other hand done the same thing.. But there marketing gave them the edge.. They squeeze the life out of every phone, Model after model after model every few months. The average life cycle of any phone is 1year now... Get off the hampster wheel!

Sony got in some good phones this time, but again, without carrier support off the bat, we could be waiting a long time to see the handsets appear. AT&T is the likely candidate.
τι κανεις ε απαντα ελληνικα οκ
Maybe its time for Mobile manufacturers to target countries like India and China and free themselves from the carriers'c clutches :)
+Sridhar Rajendran Carriers have a strong influence everywhere. China's carriers are even more meddlesome than U.S. ones. 
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