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Aromatherapy, nutrition, fragrances,Petite Fleur Essences,Herbals,books, skincare,consults
Aromatherapy, nutrition, fragrances,Petite Fleur Essences,Herbals,books, skincare,consults


October Newsletter/ 15 % off Sale

AromaHealth October Newsletter/ 15 % off Sale

Sale runs from October 1st - October 10th
promo coupon: 15off
Must be entered at checkout to receive discount!

Healing waters from steam distillation of essential oils is safer and more effective than diluting essential oils in water. Many can be taken internally or enjoyed topically, up to 1 tablespoon daily. Or use them as a great moisturizer for all skin.

Please note that the Healing waters are available in 2 different sizes. 2 oz and 8 oz
Lavender Healing Water has been used as an antibiotic for the intestines, and immune stimulant and to retard cancerous growths. Use externally for warts.
Lavender Essential Oil
Rose Healing Water relieves nausea, decongests the liver and relieves heartburn. Use topically for nausea.
Melissa/Lemon Balm Healing Water relieves stress; sore muscles. Use topically for the elderly.
Lemongrass Healing Water reduces calcium deposits in arteries and joints, and improves fat digestion; excellent for oily and acne skin.
Lemongrass Essential Oil
Rosemary Healing Water is an effective compress for eyes, headaches, and facial swelling. Excellent skin toner.
Rosemary Essential Oil
Yarrow Healing Water relieves bleeding, sprains, bruises, swelling, and varicosities. Best used topically.
Marigold Mint Healing Water has been used for moles and skin cancers.
Marigold Mint Essential Oil
Peppermint Healing Water enhances digestion of proteins and relieves sore muscles.
Peppermint Essential Oil
Oregano Healing Water cures planter's warts, fungus, Candida, and sinusitis.
Oregano Essential Oil

Therapeutic Essence Blends for Energy
Toxic Thyroid
Inner Strength
Enhancement Feng Shui Room Spray
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AromaHealth Newsletter / September 15% off sale
              From September 12th-18th

coupon code-15off must be entered at checkout to receive discount
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Tummy Trouble Herbal-responds to IBS symptoms: cramping, pain, gas, bloating, constipation and diarrhea. A bioflavonoid extracted from Perilla frutescens leaf, we organically grow onsite aids gut motility, visceral hypersensitivity, food sensitivities, inflammation of intestinal walls, leaky gut and imbalance of intestinal microorganisms. Hops balances "microbiomi" gut to brain signaling. Rosemaric acid relieves anxiety.
No Pain- healing aroma blend topically tames intestinal distress, localized osteoarthritis pain and injuries.

No More Pain/Stop Hurting lotion- brings fast relief of chronic back and limb problems, increasing mobility and increasing circulation.

Inner Strength- therapeutic essence blend that builds character and muscle tone. Also reduces muscle loss.

Relaxation therapeutic essence blend-takes the edge of the day off.

Harmonize and Balance Room Spray-welcomes peace and happiness into the home.

White Rose Petite Fleur Essence- from our prosperity old rose attracts protection and financial benefit into your environment.

Learning Skills therapeutic essence blend- helps the brain integrate and learn new skills, a great problem solver.

Allergy therapeutic essence blend- helps protect from fall pollen and welcoming Autumn.

Frankincense essential oil- enhances immunity, especially for asthmatics and intestinal problems.

Eucalyptus toner- shrinks large pores and dissolves blackheads.
Lemongrass healing water- newly distilled, repels mosquitoes, normalizes oily skin and is a great antiseptic. The aroma awakens a happy energy that encourages alertness.

FREE LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL will be added to every $75.00 order. 
Call or email any questions
817-293-5410 or
(federal trade laws require a postal carrier change)

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Dr. Judy Griffin's Aroma Health Texas
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Aromahealth Black Friday Sale

Aromahealth black friday sale
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Dr. Judy Griffin's Aroma Health Texas
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aromahealthtexas has a comprehensive variety of aromatic , health and skincare products. On sale through May 15,2014 is Bitter Orange Neroli absolute perfume, Jasmine grandiflora perfume and Paeonia internal herbal longevity tonic along with several skincare products: rose gardenia sunblock moisturizer, rose geranium deep pore cleanser,dermalift, sweet annie undereye cream, sweet annie renewal night cream and comfrey yarrow healing cream. VIsit our new store and sign up for sales and coupons:
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AromaHealth is introducing a new line of natural perfume absolute and concrete essential oils. Our first ones are Bitter Orange Neroli absolute and Jasmine grandiflora. Absolutes are the purest perfume quality essential oils with exquisite scent naturally made from the most delicate flower aromas. Dr. Griffin will be demonstrating how to make natural perfumes at the Herb Festival, May 17,2014, Botanical Gardens, Fort Worth, Texas at 1Pm. She will be onsite to answer questions and offer products from 9 Am to 3 Pm. AromaHealth will be offering new absolutes and products throughout 2014  at
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