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Starr Sonam
Creater of faerymother, amongst other things
Creater of faerymother, amongst other things


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Faerymother Greetings!
Hello dear readers, near 14 months since I last dropped in here. I suppose no one expected me to show up again and you've all wondered away on adventures such as one does, to find new things, fresh stories, different worlds to enjoy! The thing about gypsy t...

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We ride the sand and dreams!
After successfully navigating the back lanes and losing hours crawling amongst dusty treasures from the Indian ages this small fry tribal treasure huntress abandoned the utterly exhausting negotiations of trade communications and fast diminishing coinage fo...

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There have been so many parts of my personal journey and our adventures as a family from the last year that just haven't made it into words, once conjoined with my camera I find the dust settles on it as days go by.  Discovering instagram didn't help this, ...

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Heart land
On warm summer nights they dress in spiders lace and dance to the twilight orchestra. Having a rest in a faerie (Dakini) rings  Oh how I love the enchanted lands called Tibet. My absence here and everywhere is accounted to those mountains, spectacular horiz...

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Gypsy Collection
Faerymother Shop is going on a holiday from now until the 1st of October! Here are just a wee bit of the gypsy vintage collection that will be up when we get back! Bless!

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Yellow Caravan
Here we are in a yellow caravan, having left our funky house on the community up north, when we departed I spent a while giving thanks to the faerie abode, deeply grateful for the rivers, cliffs and forests with a touch of sadness to leave the beautiful peo...

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Upon a mountain!
4hrs trek through the
enchanted old growth forest that takes you to the top of Mt Warning, this could have been a challenge for the little ones, but in full baby goat style
they bounded rather energetically up the paths and particularly the rocky cliff

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Our Yak Haired Tent!
Later next month we fly to
Beijing where we will take in the city for a week before taking 2 flights and a
8 hour car ride high into the mountains of Tibet, a yak wool tent surrounded by
snow caped peaks awaits us, this earthy abode will be home for 2 month...

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Winters Windows
Somewhere amongst all
this travel and flow of the last few years a space has begun to edge it’s way in and grow like
creeping ivy around the fullness of our nomadic lives, it seems to say it is
time to start looking for home. It may just be a seed
that spro...
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