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Altroot Foundation authorizes and enables new domain extensions to come alive!
Altroot Foundation authorizes and enables new domain extensions to come alive!

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Dear all interested, and potential investors,

29 March 2014 update of Alt Root Foundation. Technically Alt Root Foundation is ready, it all works: domain names, DNS , browser and search engine outside the ICANN zone!

The reason you did not hear much of us last half year, is because no one took a commercial decision. Many parties are interested, but no one is funding, so further marketing stops. Technology does not require investment, that is ready.

We are / were the counterfooter of ICANN, but because ICANN made great steps this year by releasing far more useful domain names, we feel less 'holy' pressure to release additional domain names. ICANN finally took the step of releasing more than 1 new extension per year, as was the record until 2013. Now hundreds per year are launched - very good! Our compliments!

However, some people may think:
1) ICANN extensions are practically almost in English, a few in German or French
2) very few IDN, Internationalised Domain Names in non-Latin (for example: Arabic, Cyrillic etc. ) script
3) all is within the sphere of Google, Icann, NSA.

We can make domains and sites that google does not index !!

Those interested are kindly invited to mail Without funding or client, not much will happen. Technically everything is ready and we give demo's, we are simply waiting for the first big client, OR an investor in marketing.

We spent our private money on development - development is ready and money is 'empty' - a marketing push needs at least 1-2 people fulltime.

Philippe Blankert,, chairman and founder, 29 March 2014

PS: the relative largest group of interested are casino companies, but even there no one yet dared to make a first step !?!
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20 March 2014: on hold

ICANN's offering of new domain names is so huge, in 2014/2015, that people hardly need an own domain extension by anymore. 

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The 100% USA control of domain extensions through ICANN is well known. 

Nowadays more and more countries, organisations and individuals are concerned about organisations as NSA, Prism and other tools to control all critical internet data traffic.

To escape US control, and potential abuse of the monopoly of US in this, it seems wise to form several internet networks and private backbones that do not interchange with the US controlled 'main internet'. 

AltrootFoundation is the ideal organisation to help issuing domain names and manage DNS servers for domain extensions for private networks and backbones. By using strictly non-ICANN domain names it is ensured there is no overlap or data exchange between the private network and the open http: //www internet. 

info at altrootfoundation dot org  11 September 2013 
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As we know from our childhood, things that are explicitly forbidden are often nice and very powerful.

Why would Icann, in their minutes, rule out so strongly dotless domain names?

Whatever it's use: if you want it, can make it...!

Wat verboden is, is vaak leuk..waarom zou ICANN dotless domain names verbieden?

Uit hun aantekeningen:

"Dotless Domain Names Prohibited 30 August 2013 At its meeting on 13 ... 14:00 – 15:00 UTC Adobe Connect: http://icann... More Adopted FY14 Operating ... San Francisco.... More NGPC Begins Consideration of GAC Durban Advice on New gTLDs 16 ... due by 1 October 2013 Overview In line with the ... More More Announcements Need Help? ... Press Announcements Public Comment ...    more..."

2 sep 2013
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We notice Icann is more present on Google+ - which we find good.

Regarding the issue 'who is IP holder of dot Berlin ´ the following. The dispute is whether

Multiwebsphere ltd., who was approved of by AltRootFoundation in November 2012 and since then exploited dot Berlin (as you can see with Multiwebsphere browser, then


dotBerlin Gmbh, which we think was approved to use dot Berlin around ICANN meeting of 18 July 2013,

is owner of dot Berlin.

It may be that this issue may be pragmatically through straight talks between Multiwebsphere and dotBerlin Gmbh.

We have the impression neither of both parties had 'bad faith': in 2012 dot Berlin was rejected by Icann at least two times, and as well we (AltRoot) as 'approver' as well as applicant Multiwebsphere hoped to make a nice good move, offering Berlin an own extension.

We do not know whether dotBerlin applicant dotBerlin knew about Multiwebsphere - but Icann certainly did - it was notified.

But regarding LONG TERM Alt Root would like to have clarity: can 100% US Icann just ´swallow up´ an alt root extension that was in use previously? 

We think not. Dot Berlin would not be the first alt root extension (of other parties than AltRootFoundation) that would be swallowed up by ICANN.

And what to think of similar parties, as With their SundialBrowser one can see .guitar sites, since years.

Can within 2 years .guitar be swallowed up and ´contracted out´ by Icann? We think not.

The seizure of earlier extensions by a 100% US company (Icann is nothing else than a US owned company) will certainly lead to worldwide dissatisfaction, further support for GOANN
( )

and possibly DNS wars.

(Be aware that not we now ´threaten´ with a  ´red mark´ of DNS wars. But, less known but to-AltRootFondation-like parties could stick to their names, in certain zones make fun of the USA by putting totally different content on sites as etc.etc.)

For dispute resolution we suggest:
1) pragmatically dot Berlin: let dotBerlin talk with Multiwebsphere, maybe something can be worked out
2) extensions of the future - this is more difficult. May be a communication procedure can be worked out between Icann and AltRootFoundation, so that it will not happen again (which means: AltRootFoundation will not approve a domain name extension that was previously approved by ICANN and the other way round)


ICANN starts talks with AltRootFoundation in order to jointly realize a GOANN (UN like structure, democratic, all states are members)

AltRootFoundation, 27 August 2013, info at altrootfoundation dot org
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AltRootFoundation is immediately prepared to help extensions rejected by ICANN and to STILL realise if the applicants want.

Here is the list of by ICANN rejected extensions, eufemistic called 'early warnings'.

24 August 2013 AltRootFoundation immediately declared to ENABLE the by ICANN rejected extensions for 50.000 USD per extension, online within 2 months, as long as they are decent (this decency is part of investigation during the application process).

The rejection of .Africa, a continent that clearly needs progress and own responsibility, is the most appalling. 
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