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Turbine has 53 open jobs currently and we are in most need of engineers, systems admins and upper level marketing folks. If you are looking let me know.

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This is a great and pretty comprehensive description of the games Producer job. Thank you, Penny Arcade, you managed to boil down all the different ways companies deal with the title into what we esentially do. Even as a producer I have a hard time describing it this well.

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So scary! In my opinion this goes far beyond the issues I have with Pro-Life viewpoints and quickly slides down into the realm of stripping me of my own rights and personhood. If you are in a position to do so, please take a serious look into these propositions and vote/ speak against them where you can to protect the personhood of the women in your life.
Never let your guard down, ladies. They will enslave us again, given the chance.

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For anyone going to GDC Online in Austin: I HIGHLY reccomend going to see Henry V on Friday or Saturday night. It is in the globe theatre replica built by Richard Garriott on the shores of Lake Austin. They begin with a Jousting demonstration at 7pm and then the play under the TX stars. The Baron's Men bring Shakespeare to life. This is not your stuffy HS readings. I promise you will never have another experience like this one. It is not to be missed!

Finally found the tea that is the same flavor of the tea I had in the UK everyday. English Tea Time tea, oh how I missed you. This makes me very happy :)

Listening to 2001 on Audible, I love this more than the movie (as is usually the case). It has so much more depth and grants more understanding to the reader.

Yay! FB's screwups this morning have made my Google feed much more active :)

How is it that October is always a hectic month for me and also the month most of my favorite things happen? (...hmmmm I think I am seeing a link) I have final LARP of the season, D&D games, Halloween, my B-day, multiple Ren-Faires I would like to attend, apple picking, changing leaf viewing, and this year I also have the added complications of purchasing and moving into our first house! Sadly, I am not seeing the weekend availability to make a Catelyn Stark costume :(

Thus I will start a petition to add 2 more weeks to October. We can take them from March, that month is pretty useless.

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Shuz. U iz doin it wrong

For Friends going to Pennsic: Come watch me and the rest of I Sebastiani try and be funny at 9pm Sunday at the Performaing Arts Pavilion! Hope to see you there!
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