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We just found out #LEGO hands are the perfect size for cables!! Minds blown.

2Spinout sugru-ed this LEGO plate to his desk "Since I discovered this by accident it’s my way of organizing things. It’s not just that #sugru loves LEGO – LEGO loves sugru too. Sounds like a never ending love story!"

+David Mooney Happy birthday you old fart! trying to call through to you seems hard these days, but I'll try again soon. Much love, son.

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Some friends of mine are trying to raise some funding for a great idea of a startup

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Hey +Tetsuro Takara , just looked up lol

In the market for a phone (most likely iphone or galaxy 2). Any suggestions which carrier i should go with. Any deals on atm? Thanks.

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couldnt resist. sorry for the spam but there is a trip to tahiti which is just making me go nuts. soo beautiful.

hangover 2 quite entertaining.

I cannot believe a Perfect Circle didnt extend their set at the Bluesfest. disappointing. the show was still great though.
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